Forza 2 limited collectors edition

hello, anyone know about this version? it comes with some additional car? I already have the version platinium hits, the cars are the same?

I think there are more U class cars but I’m not sure

The cars that came exclusively with the LCE are the Subaru S204, Saleen S281E, and Ferrari Challenge Stradale; Those also come with the Platinum Hits, as well as all DLC cars and tracks, even the Nissan 350z preorder car. Hope this helps!

ok thanks for replying, so I have all the extra cars, which cars are the unicorns? they can still be achieved? I’m in the european region, at level 50, still need to buy many cars, I have to join 9,000,000.00 cr to have them, I’m running the Sebring 35 laps, with some modest off, 420,000.00 cr gain by each race, but it is very exhausting, after buying all the cars, I will change for the region of north america. is that correct? have another way to make money fast?

The unicorn cars for FM2 are the '02 Camaro SS 35th anniversary, '00 Lancer Evo 6 TME, and the '05 Lotus Exige Espionage; All 3 of which can’t be no longer obtained for 2 main reasons: 1) auction house servers were shutdown and 2) credit glitchers and modders ruined the unicorn auctions for everyone by bidding very large amounts of Cr (up to 1 billion), which is also the reason why there are no more unicorns in the auction houses of every Forza Motorsport title. As for the money, there is no other fast way to make money except for that race, as it is the easiest way (to me) to make a lot of money. For the region change, it’s really up to you, if you have all cars in the Asia and Europe regions, then I say go for it.