Forum feedback: Longer to navigate via desktop PC in new site style.

Just want to let the admins know, I really need to scroll longer in this forum style update. Is this the right place to make site feedback? Anyway…

The size of the threads, bars and buttons and almost anything are too big, they are good for a mobile device, but not for those desktop or big laptop users. It would be kindly great if you could add styles in the top/bottom of the page for desktop users, tablet users or even a smartphone dedicated style. Everyone would be happy with any device!

Another feature that has been removed but was very useful for me is the thread mouse-over preview of the topic description, so I don’t need to enter the topic but can see if I want to participate the discussion. I would really like that back.

I haven’t had any issues with the new forums except for thinking that the wishlist threads should be subforums instead of topics.