Fortune Island Drift zones achievement


I made 3 starts for the 5 drift zones. Achievement panel indicates 93% completion.

I am not the best at maths but if 5 zones are 93%, this does 5.4 zones to get the 100% . I suspected one of those to be bugged but 5 zones just makes 5 * 20% even if one was bugged, how 93% ??

As 0.85 of players complete it, I wonder what I am missing there.

14/15 stars = 93.3333%

7% short suggests it thinks you are missing one star somewhere. Might be worth running through them again?

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I’m pretty sure the percentage is based on stars. 14/15 is about 0.9333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 … give or take … chuckle … so 93%.

The game’s telling you that you only 2 starred one of 'em. Either it’s right or it’s bugged? I don’t know. I’d doublecheck.

I made all the drift zones again to 3 stars with some good margins, no change. I guess the 14 over 15 is the good explanation, only issue is I have 15 so I will log for a bug here, damned. Thanks all for your feedbacks