FM6 Trailer

Just saw the teaser-trailer for FM6… Two thoughts.

  1. Totally jazzed that 6 is in development. I wasn’t as disappointed with 5 as most were, but it clearly had room for improvement.

  2. Was that a commercial for T10’s newest racing game, or a commercial for Ford’s newest sports car? If it hadn’t said T10 and FM6 in it, I would’ve sworn it’s the latter, LOL.

  1. it was. it was made for the ford event where the new gt was unveiled. Forza Motorsport 6 Announce Event - YouTube

  2. raj nair. dont know whether its good because he’s going bald, or bad because he still has stubble all around the edges. he should buy a wig or a razor with that name. ya cant really take the middle ground.

Ah. Well that makes sense then.