FM 5 Takes a Back Seat

Have Turn 10 forgotten about FM 5? All the focus seems to be on Horizon 2, which leaves me feeling left out. FM 5 desperately needs new cars and track’s and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. Please give us something. I’m not a fan of Horizon and I would guess FM 6 is a long way off. I NEED MORE!!!


At least some fresh rivals.


Hear, hear! Not a fan of Horizon aswell. We are left in the cold and i see no change coming. Forza 5 is dead, no back seat just trown out of the car left to die in the ditch. :d


I can still hear the echo of Dan’s words last year. “you won’t recognise Forza 5 in a years time”…yeah right :S


Well everyone I used to race with no longer plays the game, so yea he was right. I don’t recognize FM5.

There is no need for new cars/tracks because it doesn’t fix anything long term. After a month, people will be complaining about the same thing again because they are bored.


Yeah a year on that seems a strange thing to say. My money is on they planned on adding far more than they did but it didnt work out so they stopped and started on Forza 6 instead.


My guess is we won’t be getting anymore content as T10 are most likely already working on FM6.

Every Forza Motorsport title, regardless of the relatively recent existence of Forza Horizon, has ceased to receive attention from the developers after one year’s time. The understanding is that, because of the two year release cycle, the team redirects its attention toward the next Forza Motorsport title which should be releasing in the Fall of 2015. That’s just the way it is and, honestly, if there is any more new content to be had, I’d rather it arrive under the name of Forza Motorsport 6.

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I’m probably wrong but I thought they changed the monthly rivals though.

Still the same ones from last month for me.

Yea they are the same. I was speaking about 4. I only played the yr before 5 came out and I thought they were still changing at least the monthly rivals

I understand that FM 6 Is probably being developed, but surely it wouldn’t take too much effort to produce some new content to keep things fresh

Umm … where do you think the new content is going? Forza Motorsport 6.

Yeah, why would anyone buy Fm6 a year from now if T10 keeps adding the same content to Fm5?

So yes, T10 is pretty much done with Fm5, maybe 1 or 2 new cars for a special occasion and some new hoppers from time to time.

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If you’re a die hard fan of Forza of course you would buy the next in the series, because inevitably the physics and graphics of the game are always vastly improved. I think most fans of Forza would be willing to pay for new content until the next installment is released.

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That’s absolutely true.

Yes, but how many die hard Forza fans are there compared to the rest of the mainstream gamers? These are the ones that T10 has to convince to buy Fm6.

And keep adding DLC? A lack of cars & tracks and now you want to keep paying extra for this… again?

I totally understand what you’re saying about T10 trying to get the mainstream gamers to buy FM6, but I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about them. It’s a lot like a bank giving incentives to new customers and forgetting about loyal customers.

I also understand some fans don’t want pay extra for dlc, and yes some free dlcs always much appreciated, but good dlc (cars and track’s) is worth a small price in my opinion.

There was a lack of cars and track’s in the first place. I’m not saying we should have a huge amount of new content, but as I said in my second post just something occasionally to keep things fresh.

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Contrary to what your gamertag suggests, it’s good to see that you understand.

I think after 1 year of updates all the forza series has then stopped updating

please correct me if I’m wrong