[FIT] Clyde's Paint Shop | 12.6: Irn-Bru Fiesta ST




Took me some time to get this thing started, but hey, better late than never, right? If this Evo X is giving you a sense of deja vu, it’s because it’s a remake of my first “serious” piece of design work in Forza, back in the days of FM4! Horizon 3 really gave me a golden opportunity to reimagine it as a rally car. The base is mostly the same as it was in FM4, and it’s based on the Radiator’s shark deterrent wetsuits, especially the mid-depth dive suit design. Also available is an A700 tune designed for maximum performance on Scramble events and those Sprint races with plenty of jumps and tight corners; and a Bucket List event in the fully-built car, which can be accessed from the Silver Sands Roundabout point and will have you racing on tarmac, gravel and sand - I am having too much fun tuning cars and setting up events, so this may become the standard for my releases in the future!

As usual, feedback & criticism is welcome.

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Looking goood! I really like the Horizon Rally sticker, nice detail :slight_smile:

Great job !
Sponsors choice is definitely a big plus , and the outlining work on the logos is very impressive !
Great ideas , great creativity , great accuracy … You never disappoint our expectations Clyde !

Thanks! I thought about giving it replica number boards from the Rally Australia or from one of the many rallysprints, but then I decided that maybe the Horizon Festival boards I sketched up would’ve been more appropriate. Which is not to say that I may not release a version with more realistic boards at a later time.

Hah, you know how I am, friend - spending more time researching sponsors on Google than actually painting.

Oh, well. It was about time I jumped on this Rocket Bunny bandwagon. Whoever guesses on which sorta-iconic Australian design this livery is based, wins a cookie! I originally intended for it to be a quick job, but I ended up re-creating many logos that may be useful down the line, so even if I spent more than I wanted to on it, I’m still satisfied.

I am already working on the next livery, but it may be a while before I decide to leave the battlefields of 1918… Until then.


Nicely done sir

Really digging the Silvia. Nice paints indeed

Thanks! It means a lot, coming from you guys.

Anyways, I realized just now that I completely forgot to update this thread in the last month! No, I didn’t pack up and leave.

A month ago or so, I released this livery for the Polaris RZR, featuring French lubricant company Ipone as its main sponsor. I wanted to get a livery done for the Polaris for the longest time! The limited space available and complex surfaces made it a decent challenge. Eventually I found my inspiration in MX graphics (because of course I did). It still took a lot of throwing stuff on it and seeing what stuck, but I’m really happy with the final result.

Then came Blizzard Mountain, and with it, two of my favorite rally cars of all time. The winter season, and the new map’s extreme weather conditions, inspired this livery, featuring (then) French skiwear manufacturer Moncler and inspired by the cars that raced in the 1977 Rallye Neige et Glace. It’s nothing to ooh and aah at, but I wanted to release something as I work at a glacial pace on more complex projects.

And I know: white, white, and more white; all my latest liveries have featured a white base. Thankfully, my current WIPs are all going in a different direction. ; )

Your Moncler Stratos is sweet. Love it!

nice work - especially like the Polaris and Stratos

It’s been a while, huh? Hopefully this will be worth the wait. Revisiting another sponsor that I used back in the days of FM4, but this time with a completely different livery.

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Ciao my dear friend, happy to see you always around here with new fresh liveries.

this one is really nice, you made a GREAT sponsors work! Well done like always. I’ll download this evening for sure.