fh3 money

i had 10 million dollars and now i have 4 million and i dident spend any does anyone know how to contact turn 10 to get my money back


Did you bid at the auctions? I didnt know you had to collect credits if you lose and thought I lost 4mill when I started playing

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does it usually take long for them to reply

It can be from a couple of hours to a few months. I sent them an email in early September and I still haven’t received a reply


And here I thought I have heard many positive comments about their customer support.

I think you might’ve heard positive things about Microsoft Support, if that’s the case they are true, nothing wrong with that service. I’ve actually had a couple of times where I’ve contacted MS Support and my experience with them has been really nice! But atleast from what I’ve read & heard about the email for Forza support it doesn’t really seem give you any results when it comes to solving issues, atleast I’ve never heard of anybody getting help via that email but it might of course be that I just haven’t seen people mention that their issues have been resolved

Well, I hope they will get back to me soon because I need to get my cloud storage syncing to my game fix. I can not play this game without my cloud storage data.