Festival Playlist ..... 🥴

Credits and Wheelspins ??! … Where’s the fun in that ?? New cars as rewards done ??

Update was delayed due to issues discovered during testing. Check back later.

The update hasn’t been released.
There was a technical issue that has prevented them from getting it released in time.
Series 23 is not active yet so we got a backup version.


Series 23 Is Not Available for the current month ? Welp… Not big soup rice, guess i’ll wait for the next Horizon game at E3, that might be on 2023, see you there !

What do you mean no big surprise? This is the first time they have had to delay an entire series.

Would rather them release a possibly game breaking update?

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They’ve released broken updates before. I’m glad they caught this one and delayed it.

Its haters mentall illness lol
23 updates + multiple hotfix updates they add new car every month for free even throught they could sell these cars as DLCs or a Car Pass 2

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its because people like you that game companies like EA get away with the ridiculous pricing we’ve seen in the last few years

EA gets away with it because people buy it at that ridiculous price. If people didn’t buy it, they would stop pricing it so high.

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And when is supposed the “new” rewards to be updated? Next Thursday ? It is too much…

It was supposed to be a joke M8.

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My apologies then, it’s difficult to tell over the Internet.