Fast Peregrine Open Source Tunes-TOP 50 S800 RUF Rt12 and TOP 10 MAZDA 787B OUT NOW!

Hello Forza Community!

For those unaware of who I am, I am an American Circuit racer who has been racing on Forza since Forza 4. Back then I raced mostly R1 and X class. In the summer of 2013, I joined the OLR racing team who specialized in the R1 and X class, under the GT OLR VETTEL. To this day, my top 10s are still on the nurburgring and fujimi kaido tracks in both classes and am still top 10 overall in both classes. In Forza 5, I switched clubs as OLR did not exist in Forza 5 and joined the renown MLR Tachyon in Major League Racing as MLR VETTEL. Now I am a part of RPM (Real Power Motorsports) under my current GT Fast Peregrine, and am more of an all-around racer. I am top 5 in circuit racing overall, still better in the upper classes. I am ready to share my tunes as open source with you guys the community!

I run classes B-X, however I have only tuned myself mostly for classes S-X. I always run MTC, TCS (where necessary), and normal steering. Unfortunately, because the Lotus E21 is the only LB car in X class, I cannot share my tune, but I can recommend BryceMW and SPxUMADBROYOLO’s tunes which can be found here.

Current Open Source Tunes:
S800 RUF Rt 12S
R900 McLaren M23
P990 Ford Coyote
P998 Mazda 787B

R900 McLaren M23:

Brakes: Race
Rim Style: Stock (or anything of the same weight)
Aero & Appearance: Stock (or street I personally prefer stock)

Tire Pressure: 29.0 28.5
Gears: 3.20 2.88 2.30 1.86 1.55 1.13
Alignment: -3.0 -2.5
0.4 0.2
Anti-Roll Bars: 12.73 31.15
Springs: 168.4 147.9
4.2 2.8
Damping: 9.3 10.0
3.8 4.1
Aero:331 634 (MAX)
Brake: 48% 80% (personal preference)
Differential: 61% 0%

Notes: This car can take easy top 25s in any Ferrari track, and some top 10s even!! It is a very competitive car considering the Ferrari’s dominance in R Class. I would not recommend it for tracks with tough rumble strips or bumps like Prague or Catalunya as the McLaren does not have as much stability as the Ferrari, but this car is surprisingly good at Yas Marina in particular. Use 2nd gear as your lowest gear unless you are in a really slow corner like the last corner on Long Beach full.

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P990 Ford Coyote:

Single Turbo: Race
Brakes: Race
Roll Cage: Stock
Drivetrain: Race
Tires: Race Compound
Front Tire Width:305/40R15
Rear Tire Width: 375/40R15
Rims: Buddy Club P1 (or anything of the same weight like Dymag)


Tire Pressure: 29.0 28.5
Gears: 4.74 1.26 1.04 0.84 0.75 0.75 0.75 (you only need gears 1-4)
Alignment: -3.0 -2.5
0.0 0.0
Anti-Roll Bars: 6.8 33.8
Springs: 249.7 443.9
5.1 3.6
Damping: 2.9 3.3
10.7 11.90
Aero: 431 834 (MAX)
Brake: 48% 113% (personal preference)
Differential: 14% 2%

Notes: 2nd fastest Coyote in long beach full and hold top 10s there and long beach east. It also has top 10s on top gear loops. You may notice first gear is particularly long, and it is to accomodate for the massive tire spin this car can generate, but other than that the car in itself is amazing. Enjoy!

I’m now willing to take tuning requests and feedback is appreciated!

Heck yeah man. I love when pros share their tunes. And I know I speak for the whole community when I say that it’s truly appreciated! Just set a new PB with the McLaren after 8 laps. Excellent work! Something I’ve been dying for is an S class RUF, either the Rt 12 S or CTR2. They’re both pretty speedy, but I wouldn’t expect top 25s from either. Still, they’re tricky cars and I’d be interested to see what you come up with!

Hey Peregrine, are you willing to share your open source 787b? I probably wouldn’t do it either but if you want to talk about setups for that car let me know, I’ve seen some of your times and I also have top 10 times in P.

Thank you guys for the requests,

L4ntastic, I will do both cars as quickly as I can, but I am not on for the weekdays because I am still in school ;(, but also make the effort to see that they are as quick as I can make them.

WCR Zonda, it is good to meet a rival and fellow P class driver, not many of us out their who tame the 787b. I will think about sharing my open source 787b, but I will promise to share the tune on my storefront and possibly my setup for the Le Mans tracks.

Enjoy, and have a great rest of the day!

Time is of no concern. Looking forward to the tune! Thanks!

RUF Rt 12S

Air Filter: Stock
Fuel System: Stock
Ignition: Stock
Exhaust: Race
Camshaft: Stock
Displacement: Stock
Pistons: Stock
Twin Turbo: Stock
Intercooler: Stock
Cooling: Stock
Flywheel: Stock

Brakes; Race
Springs: Race
Front and Back Roll Bars; Race
Roll Cage: Stock
Weight Reduction: Race

Clutch: Stock
Transmission: Race
Drivetrain: Race
Differential: Race

Tire Compound: Race
Front Tire Width: 265/30R19
Rear Tire Width: 335/30R19
Rims: 5Zigen ZR+520
Front and Rear Rim size: Stock

Aero Front and Back: Forza

Conversions: Stock

Tire Pressures: 29.0 27.0
Gears: 3.10 2.80 2.00 1.60 1.25 1.05 0.78
Camber: -3.9 -3.4
Toe: 0.3 -0.3
Caster: 5.8
Anti-Roll bars: 14.01 25.50
Springs: 385.0 455.0
Ride Height: 5.1 5.2
Rebound: 11.7 10.3
Bump: 2.1 2.1
Aero: 202 371 (MAX)
Brake:48% 125% (Personal Preference)
Differential:50% 21%

NOTES: This surprisingly is a quick car, but due to the short bandwidth I had to use the race transmission. After a couple of laps the car should get into the rhythm of the track. It is easily capable of top 100s and top 50s. I will try to get the CTR2 out later, but enjoy this tune for now.

Laptimes: #42 Yas Marina (Test Drive) 2:09.432-Capable of sub 2:09s on the perfect lap!

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1991 Mazda 787B

Engine: Remove Restrictors
Drivetrain: Race Driveline
Tires: 320/30R18 Front width and 375/35R18 Rear Tire Width with 5Zigen FN01R-C rims (Stock rim size)

Tire Pressure: 29.0 28.0
Gears: 3.00 1.90 1.50 1.25 1.17 1.09
Camber: -3.0 -2.5
Toe: 0.0 0.0
Caster: 5.6
Anti-Roll Bars: 2.30 38.10
Springs: 257.0 304.5
Ride Hieght: 4.6 2.8
Rebound: 2.2 4.0
Bump: 6.3 8.5
Aero: 551 750
Brakes: 48% 130% (personal preference)
Differential: 12% 8%

Notes: This tune is for Le Mans La Sarthe. My base tune is shared on my storefront under the name: top 10. This car is capable of top 3s. To get an Old Le Mans tune out of this, drop Downforce in the back until the top speed is around 221 MPH, and stretch the final drive to accomodate for the downforce.

Laptime: #4 Le Mans La Sarthe: 3:17.35

Thanks for the share Peregrine, I would like to give it a try but I am also still in school. Got to get my work done for tomorrow.

Thanks for the share Peregrine, I would like to give it a try but I am also still in school. Got to get my work done for tomorrow.

Thanks for the tune man. Just set a new PB. And those are the kind of results I like to see! It’s a decent car that’s tough to make live up to its potential. Decent power and weight with good aero, but not enough rubber and the game’s physics engine isn’t kind to it. The front end likes to lift. I had the v8 engine swap which helps alleviate the poor gearing and narrow powerband. It works alright but only leaves you with four truly usable gears.

Thanks, will try them soon! Concerning your post for the Ruf. Brakes should be Springs :slight_smile:

Thanks for pointing that out FTW Leceur, I may often go too quickly when typing up my tune and make mistakes, my apologies! I looked into that L4ntastic, but I figured the regular engine with a race transmission should do given it allows you to adjust all gear ratios, but the V8 engine was good in respect it felt the car had more control. That is an option at the cost of turning the race transmission into a sport, which isn’t much of a sacrifice, but I ran the car quicker with the setup posted above, its all preference, and you to experiment with these numbers is what open source is about :).

Thanks for sharing Peregrine. Will certainly be checking these setups out.

thanks a lot, certainly will check the 787 tune out.