Fargo police commission

Hi, i am wondering if anyone would be willing to make a police design on the Crown Victoria in memory of a officer? I have some pics here for reference.

Thank You~

yeah, I can do that…

…I thought it was going to be a request for Marge Gunderson’s car…which is another good idea.

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Funny, whenever I say Fargo people think about the show, they never think of Fargo, ND. I guess I live in a show! (Fargo is not as bad as the show!)

after thinking about it, Marge was Brainerd PD, not Fargo. My bad haha.

I got a good portion of it done already. Still have to do the badge and some fine tuning…btw, do you want particular squad car number on it?

Yes, can you put number 90 on it?

sure can.

edit- with the number and the badge. Still have to make some adjustments…

ok,finished and shared.
I did two- the second one I did differently- I left the stripes level instead of spinning them to match the body lines. It’s less accurate, but it eliminates the terrible jaggies that come with the spin.
Shared as ‘Fargo Police’ 1 & 2.

I also put the badge up in my layer groups.

oh- and the tail light panel where the real car has the # is unpaintable in the game, so I put it on the trunk lid instead.

Thanks! It’s wonderful!

no problem- glad you like it.

small world- after I posted it, I got a message asking for the 2016 version of the fargo police car…