Expansion 2: Lebe seitwärts! Including Toyotas, 2019 Toyota Supra

The german Microsoft Store showed the new Expansion today, called Lebe seitwärts! in german language, meaning Live sideways! The discription annonced a new map with a huge city and lots of drift-spots. There are also new cars, for example the “2019 Toyota Sup…” At that point, the discription was cut off. The following link didn’t worked and they took the Expansion-page offline. But I am really excited and looking forward to play it.

I’d welcome new info on an expansion, but you’re gonna need more than just your word to be credible here. Especially since PG have already expressed they don’t want to focus on city environments and the likelihood of us getting Toyota seems exceptionally low.

April 1st?


That’s what I thought first, but Microsoft had forbidden Aprils fools while communicating from developer to customer.

We will have to wait and see then, time will tell

Renaming franchise horizon drift, for the dozen or so players that like drifting.


This is perfect for me and my 11 friends, but I am quite doubtful.

Lol, no surprise there 420

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Hahaha! Got me there. Strangely this username was given to me automatically because I couldn’t remember my Xbox info when I joined here.

Happy April fools!

If not a Halo expansion…disappointment.

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I really hope its an april fool … enough drifting alreay…


^^this x infinity

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April joke?


Not a joke from Microsoft/PG though, but from Vodoo99 himself. His second post in this topic is just an attempt to cover it up.

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No way is this real, April 1st and Toyota is fully committed to Gran Turismo at the moment. I mean the AE86 has just been leaked for GT:Sport.

I’d love for this to be true (besides the drift stuff), but I just cannot believe it.

Ok next Fake:

Always worth a laugh

This Twitter post could have been an April Fool’s Prank because the post released on 4/1/2019 at 5:34 PM. However, it could be an idea that would be in the game before production and was later scrapped.