Everything I loved about Horizon is gone!

Rivals? No rivals :frowning:

Online Adventure? Well there is some goofy online team play that sucks. And once again they just drop you in with no choice of car class. Adding class choice to Horizon 3 was the best thing they ever did but now that’s gone again. I hate anything above A class and prefer D, C and B. Odds of getting that for racing only seem slim right now. Just replicate what we had in 3. Breaking a perfect system seems an odd choice?

Blueprintable Championships? The only championships I have found so far are very rigid. Only ones I have seen are the seasonal championships which lock you into a class and type. The beauty of racing what you want when you want is gone. Maybe this unlocks later? I am just into my first season (summer). But right now this is a horrible move.

These are the only things I truly enjoyed about past Horizons and now they are all gone. How can they take so many steps backward? At least I can dance and wear a goofy hat. NO THANKS! I am very sad about the money I wasted on this absolute piece of garbage.


Many more championships are coming. In fact new championships every single week.

Blueprint is bigger than ever. Now you are not limited just to friends. Plus you can create 5 of your own at every single event and even search for most popular.

There does need to be a simple custom championship blueprint… agreed… but to say the lack of this makes this game garbage! Harsh lol

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5 each event? Hmmm, I like this.

Loss of championship blueprints wasn’t very nice, though. Because in these weekly challenges they make you do things like driving a modern Aston Martin around a cross country track.

Yes ive the same issue…theyve got rid of things I enjoyed…urrrgh der…like Private Lobby? Who decided to drop that? Big mistake.


Saying it’s garbage is a tad dramatic but I also miss these things. It’s strange that they have such an open ended game but then enforce certain things here and there.

Bringing back custom championships would go a long way for me… That and better clubs. I miss club rewards, it gave me such an added incentive to never stop playing.

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FH4 is undoubtedly a rich and beautifully crafted world - but for me also my main style of FH play has been removed from Horizon.

Taking a car, tuning it, testing it out in Rivals (especially over the fantastic sweeping Rainforest Circuit) and then taking it online in Custom Adventure single class racing (usually ‘A’ - anything higher was too frequently demolition derby rather than racing). Being able to see your lap time at the end of a circuit race and measure it against the lap time of the other drivers…being rewarded for driving well in the XP championship table even when you don’t place on the podium

That, in a nutshell, kept me hooked on FH3. And FH4 has wiped every single element of the above.

I think the lack of an easy way to ‘hot lap’ and learn the circuits offline via Rivals might also degrade the online racing experience as it will take far longer for people to learn the tracks and encourage less disciplined racing. I do quite like the freeroam rush - I just basically see it as a more interesting ‘drive to event’ from FH3.

FH4 has given me plenty of entertainment this weekend, but as it stands now won’t provide me with the long term enjoyment that FH3 did :frowning:


I have only played a couple of hours, but already found / unlocked most of the things you claim are missing.



You have unlocked rivals leaderboards for every course and every class?
You have unlocked non-team class choice online adventures?
You have unlocked championship blueprints?

If so great news, can anyone else confirm?

Sounds like you need to progress more.


Cant drift with randoms because of ghost cars. Ghost cars generally just kill my immersion and look goofy.
Forced to play team online adventure (always hated that mode in FH3) why not just have solo AND team?
Hate the fact that we can no longer select class and race type. Anything over S1 is just a mess, and I can’t stand offroading, meaning I will have to back out and search for another game until I find a road race letting my team down each time.

Why so many steps backward?

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Really bummed on lack of Rivals. It is puzzling how so many popular, well-received features got removed. Hopefully PG gets the message for a future update…

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Pretty positive rivals is in the game?

yes rivals is in the game, you have to select it before the race instead of after it this time

I’m pretty sure Rivals is still in Horizon 4, you just have to go to the event itself.

There is a RIVALS option but it isn’t an open ended rivals option like in past versions. This rivals option locks you into a championship type and class. I like to use rivals to learn my cars and learn the courses and of course climb the leaderboard. None of that is available here. If I want to test out my C class 1955 Chevy on a course and it tells me I have to do it in an A class Offroad Buggy I am SOL. We need the freedom and choice of past Horizon versions. The rivals are unalterable, online play offers NO CHOICE, and seasonal championships are unalterable. This is a major step back from the wide open sandbox that earlier versions offered.

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I stopped playing quite a while ago. I check on this forum every now and again to see if there is any action on this disaster of a games playability but unfortunately there hasn’t been.

I made this initial post way back when on day one in late September. And while I really do like the look of the game and feel of the cars there is still no reason to drive them. It really is a shame since H4 is a really pretty game but they decided for some reason to hollow it out. All of the parts that give it long term play value no longer exist. I thought maybe they just released it too early and that all the “real” features would be added back in quickly. But quickly has come and gone. Still no open rivals. still no blueprint championships and online is still a total mess with no choice and team only nonsense.

I thought that 2+ months in that these MAJOR issues would have been addressed and likely fixed but no. There is the one huge complaint thread where it is obvious they are just trying to string along the upset player base but still no action or real acknowledgement almost 3 months in. H2 and H3 kept me intrigued and playing for 2 years each. H4? About 2 weeks. Without the replay value of open rivals and compelling online play with CLASS CHOICE there is just no reason to play.

It’s really sad because the game could be terrific like its past versions and everything is there to make it great if it just had the base core features that give players a choice. The wide open nature of previous horizons was what gave them legs and long term playability. I am done with Forza for ever and ever. I thought I was a Horizon for life guy but these guys never see a penny of my money .