Entering Event Championships - Request to buy a Car I already own

So recently within the current Winter season I’ve tried to enter two Championship Events to which I’m required to buy Cars I already have.

I had to do this twice at the “Neither Rain Nor Sleep” Seasonal event were I had to purchase the Volvo 242 Turbo twice since I had to quit the first race and when I got back to it a few hours later it seemed I had also quit the championship hence it asked me to buy again one of the two optional cars even when the Volvo showed ‘owned’ .

Same thing is happening with the “Ice Truckers” event, the truck option I have is the Mercedes-Benz TANKPOOL24 Race Truck which I own… but I can’t enter the event without buying it again…

So what’s this about?
A cruel way the game disposes of your hard-worked racing credits and gambling luck? :stuck_out_tongue:

its because you dont have them set to the correct class before entering the event
hard worked credits…come on…this game throws credits at you lol

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