Eliminator is it me or is it just not at all fun?

Am I missing something?


No it’s not just you! I played it couple times on FH4 and to me it was basically quick fire freeroam rush with a severely limited car list. Not for me at all.


Nope, i only played a handful of Eliminators in FH4 - Not a mode i’m at all interested in.

I’ve played a couple on FH5 (Finished 6th in the 2nd game), only to get the weekly challenge done for the NSX-R GT finished ASAP, as nobody was joining Arcade games or trying to win them.

this is probably one of the funnest modes ive ever played in any video game ever, yes i sound crazy.

ive never played a single horizon before this, but every day since it launched ive been hooked and addicted every single day. the feeling of winning is unlike ive ever experienced before, and even 200 wins later, i still get the rush when the final race starts.

i think the mode has the perfect balance of laid back driving vs stressful driving, luck vs skill, risk (off road) vs reward (staying on road), fun casual driving vs competitive mp h2h when you are challenged etc. i combine this with my own spotify playlist when i drive and its an addicting experience whether you win or lose that just cant be beat imo


I agree with all of this except the part where you say (or imply) that staying on the road is viable. It’s really only a good option in the corners of the map where it’s thick forests.

How do you win so often? What’s the secret? I’ve had quite a few second places but normally end up low in the top twenty and have only won once. Top tips? I’m only really interested in winning another six times but it’s painful at this speed!

to win the final race, i really believe getting the running headstart is what makes all the difference. ie. dont just sit and wait at the edge, then acclerate at the 1.

its a huge risk vs reward, but if you can guess the correct direction of the final destination and be at top speed, i believe its the difference maker regardless of the car i am in. of course ive miscalculated and lost horribly, but ive learned you can spend exactly 4 seconds outside the final ring before it eliminates you, and that is often all i need to get the jump. Have a look here,


you can often go out of your way use the highway down the middle to often gain the extra speed needed to beat someone whos going directly to the destination, but off road. thats kinda what i mean. taking a safe route vs going through the trees

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It’s pretty awful, I’m with you.

Ignoring the fact a BR doesn’t belong anywhere near Forza, it’s by far one of the most broken, unforgiving, unfriendly experiences you can have anywhere in AAA gaming.

Forza’s sluggish simcade physics are by far the biggest issue. It’s a dream to cruise around and race with, but when you’re redlining a car across the rocky muddy Mexican countryside where even the slightest unexpected change in incline will send your car flying uncontrollably into the stratosphere is painfully enraging.

You also have the map, the visibility is terrible, the breakable objects physics make the difference between a win and a loss, and PGG is still stuck in 2010 with more invisible walls than a mime’s house. Plenty of times has the physics sent me flying over a house, only for me to smack into an invisible wall and immediately lose. Don’t get me started on those log piles you find in the jungle.

It’s also completely broken when it comes to car balancing. Most BR games tend to have a handful of mediocre to decent weapons, and a couple really good and bad ones too. Eliminator’s linear balancing where one car will inherently be better because of some supposed “level” it has is stupid. You can’t even take refuge in the certainty of car levels, because the devs will put some of the worst cars in the upper levels meanwhile some Level 4 cars can easily outclass Level 6-8.

Keep in mind, there’s no class locking. In a properly balanced version of this game made by level-headed people, each match would be class restricted to two classes. For example, only B and A class cars can be obtained to make the races more balanced. The Ford Bronco Brocky is so unbelievably busted (and intentionally, it’s modified to the top of S2 in Eliminator) that if you’re not driving one as well you might as well just quit the game there.

The people that defend The Eliminator don’t take it seriously at all. Good for them, but when you have such ridiculously hard Accolade challenges surrounding it and are reduced to an anxiety-riddled jittering mess after even the most easy victories it’s less of a fun mode and more of a “don’t give yourself a stroke” mode. I’m not looking forward to the hours of frustration winning a match without car drops is going to give me.


i think that unpredictable and randomness you describe is maybe the subconcisios reason i love it so much.

before horizon i was hardcore into cod for over 10 years. but recently the mp game had become so balanced and dictated by the esports nerds that it became so bland and boring. anyone who played mw2 back in the day can admit it was the funnest cod of them all cause it was so unbalanced and crazy

the fact that my bronco can be launched into the air for no reason when i hit a log on the road to me is exciting and even if i lose because of that, i laugh it off because it was no fault of my own and try again. while some call that frustrating, because i know its the same for everyone and anyone can win no matter the situation, to me that makes winning that much more rewarding when it happens

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I do agree that the logs in the forest are extremely annoying. What is even the point of these? You’ll be winning a H2H and suddenly a pile of logs throws you right into a tree.

have you ever hit those logs driving a Nomad or Cholla at 5mph? its fun


I absolutely hate eliminator and I would never play it again if it wasn’t constantly popping up in seasonal requirements.


One of the many reasons I don’t really like those cars unless it is a big upgrade from what I am currently driving or I think the final arena will be on the west coast.

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I never cared for it much either. Fairly easy couple points just in case somethings broken on the playlist, but thats about all.

Literally the best example of what I mean just happened to me against a 9 lol

Just curious, have you ever won it when you tried it?

Once, in the Mini, pure luck, was able to hide most of the time and was in prime position for the final race, got 2nd place once, would have won that one except for a poorly placed flower pot at the finish line. Got a few top fives.

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lol i did same thing. i should have won. seeing i was first across the line. but nope

Worst feature in the game. I HATE it.