Drivertars only displaying recommended designs

Drivatars used to display a design that was owned or created by the owner/driver.
And general traffic wore recommended designs.

Since the HW expansion the only designs displayed for drivertars in my game are the recommended designs.
This is really annoying as I have a second account and have him in my lineup, and vise versa. I really hate seeing my other driver wearing a design I would never choose.
Most of those designs look unrealistic and it is wearing thin to see them over and over.

Second issue is your drivertar appears at the meeting place where your design can be promoted and shared…this will not work if the design is not yours !

The game also tends to put drivertars into cars that you are currently driving, ie when I am in a dart I see dozens of drivertars also in darts, this wasnt so bad when all those darts had a different paint. But the other day I was in a convoy with 8 darts all wearing the same design - this is just stupid.

The only solution is to turn off liveries for drivertars, this gets rid of the crayon kid designs but then I am then surrounded by orange cars…

  • Previous to the HW expansion the issue was quite different, In a championship my other account wore a paint I created but so did 7 of the other drivers…That was really annoying as the paint in question was specific to the car he was driving and to see that paint on 7 different model / makes of cars ruined the experience…especially when the said paint was constructed from vinyls shaped to suit the car and did not fit the other cars leaving yellow or red sections everywhere.

Is anyone else having this issue?
Will it be fixed anytime soon?

This is a major let down on an otherwise great game.

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