Drifting with a keyboard: Impossible?

To start, I HATE drifting, never have liked it, not in real life, not in FH4. The only time I’ve done it is part of Forzathon Live events and I S.U.C.K. at it with a capital S. Fortunately there are normally enough other players that my lack of interest and skill/ability in drifting doesn’t matter and we progress to the next round.

I think the main problem is that I’m playing on a PC with a keyboard (various reasons blah blah blah) so the controls are very binary - your throttle is either 100% or 0, the brakes & steering the same, you can’t feed in the power at all.

Now with Fortune Island, you HAVE to go drifting if you want the Treasure Chests. Not only that, it’s on a stupidly long road and one wrong move and you spin out or fall off a cliff, with NO rewind! (OK, you can rewind but it looses your progress in the drift zone). My best score is 32k! Not even one star. I’ve got it to 70k+ with 25% of the course to go, then, naturally, I crash through a barrier and plummet hundreds of feet to the bottom.

So, any tips on how to get through this bit of the game or for drifting in general using a keyboard, or should I just go and play something more my style, like Solitaire?

I´m on PC too, and i can say you drifting with Keyboard isn´t “impossible” but you are right it needs very much attention and you cant just hold you throttle to go around corner. I switched a few days ago to controller and it´s 100% worth it. But try a few things - > TCR/TCS Off → Set on Manual(it is WAY easier when the car hold the gear) → Start in a high gear not 1-3, 4-5 is the way you want to go → and check some yt videos about tuning for drifting (things like differential and gearbox are very important to hold a drift stable) → don´t go into your RPM limiter begin the drift with high high RPM and try to not hit the limiter (find your right gear for this). Don´t try to get too fast i usually drift the most zones around 60-90 km/h. Try different cars! Don´t max them out with 1000+ Horsepower. i achieved yesterday 334k points with a ~500ps car (btw it´s more fun when you go slower and technical).

So it´s possible i drift 1,5 Month with Keyboard and going not too bad. But recommend you if you can afford a controller do it not only for drifting a pleasure the whole game feels way better.
Hope i could help. Good luck.