DRAG TUNING - I need some advice

So I have been searching this forum to some answers, but most of the tuning topics are about circuit racing. I am just getting into the drag racing and beginning to build setups specifically for drag, but I have heard some mixed advice on what is the best way to squeeze the most power out of your car. I was wondering if people could give me some advice, or if anything show that parameters that you use on your drag tune. (IM TUNING FOR RWD DRAG BTW)

I am tuning for RWD drag, these are some of the things that ive been doing:
Tires: Front 35psi/Rear 55psi
Gearing: Just messed around until I find a nice compromise between acceleration and top speed
Camber, Toe, etc: Didnt touch too much, Im thinking positive camber might work best?
Suspension: Soft in the front, stiff in the rear
aero: down all the way both front and rear
diff: 100/100

I would like to keep it RWD, but also what upgrades are the best ones to chose? Which engine swap should I choose?

switch your tire pressures use -2.5 camber on the rear max the anti roll bars at 40 front and rear . for the damping soft front rebound everything else stiff. depending on the motor you want 1st to just spin a bit and grab a few thousand rpms before the red line