Does anyone use these settings?

Does anybody use these settings?

  1. no line and/or braking line
  2. in car view/hood vire/ bumper view
  3. No rewind.
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Sometimes. I like driving interior view especially in the rain but you’re kinda gimping yourself by driving interior view. It’s not like real life where you have 3D spacial awareness, it’s more like looking through a letterbox but I like it sometimes.

Yes, they do. I used to use these settings a lot.
Since my stroke i’ve had to cut back on the realism in favour of assists though.
But just because you don’t see merit in them doesn’t mean others don’t!

I use the hood cam. When I’m playing co-op with a friend I’m perforce playing without rewind.

I use Braking Lines on the Goliath, because I know the track, and No rewind all the time.

I use Driver view in the car.

No rewind, and in-car view all the time. I like immersion.

I use full line including braking. The “line” is not always the best line, but the braking colors are pretty accurate for me.

I use bumper view unless the weeds are too tall or front traffic is heavy. (and I certainly wish I could raise the bumperview height!)

Nope, rewind on all the time.

  1. I’ve recently taken to run without the racing line after upgrading to the One X, maybe it has to do with the improved resolution. I switch to the brake line mostly in cross country events where is difficult to spot the braking points.

  2. The view depends on the car. If the interior has good sightines I stay with the full interior view, however if the “A” pillar is obtrusive, I switch to the dashboard/hood view. I never use the bumper view.

  3. I have rewind on at all times.

Bumper view because I like unobstructed view. But it’s a bit too low. Chase cam takes away the buzz of driving. Interior cams are too obstructed, especially when driving uphill.

Bit annoying how snow sticks on the windscreen as well. At least put the wipers on for a few seconds.

Yup. And one crash and you can barely see through it.

  1. Braking line only
  2. In-car for getting to races in freeroam (I try not to fast travel much unless it is to add upgrades quickly at festival then get back to a race), chase near for races
  3. I always use rewind that is how I get better because I can figure out what I’m technically doing wrong. Think I first saw rewind in the game Grid and thought it was a genius idea. Yes feel a little guilty when sometimes am constantly pounding the button.

Nope, I use different settings :blush:

For me, removing braking lines requires you are experienced with your cars ( how it breaks in different conditions ) + stable tunes. Added with having learned the roads, it can be a good challenge.
In car is much more immersive but highly restrict the side/rear vision.
Rewind for stunts, training/rivals … deactivated other times as other wise it can lead you to play too much at the limits when online.

I don’t use the racing or braking lines since I feel they mess with visual immersion for me. The few times I have used it, the braking markings have thrown me off.

Rewind, however, is something I do use because I’m easily distracted and there are tons of things (noises from outside, itching) competing for attention and causing me to mess up.

Manual shifting (without clutch) is something a friend got me into back with FM4 in trying to teach me being more competitive. Now it feels weird playing with automatic shifting.

As for the camera, I use driver view for racing and cruising, hood view for PR Stunts and Forzathon/Trials, and chase view for drifting.

I have everything off, if I feel like it I might play abit in first person but lately have started using chase camera more and more.