Do you wheel or pad

Apologies if this is a previously discussed topic, I’m new to the Forza forums and haven’t skimmed through the history.

I’m properly competitive, probably like the majority of you guys else you wouldn’t be here! However, I feel like I’m personally at a big disadvantage as I play with the Xbox Gamepad rather than a simulation wheel. As I mentioned in an earlier thread I created, I managed a highest ranking of around 7th on Prague Full R Class with the Ferrari 312 in Time Attack Rivals, and tonight I’ve just tipped 13th in the P Class with the Mazda 787-B. But I feel like I’m way out my league whilst playing with the Gamepad. I’ve watched the replays of some of the players in the top 5, and it’s crystal clear from watching the cockpit cam that they use a simulation steering wheel.

Again apologies for stating the obvious, but with a wheel you can make precise steering adjustments, you can put the car exactly where you want it to be, there are few limits to attaining your best time other than your own talent. But with the Gamepad, it’s like driving with only being able to use full/max steering lock! When you turn it’s stick fully to the left or right, you’re effectively ‘flinging’ the car into corners and it’s all about getting timing right on that hard left or right steering lock. Turn a fraction early and you’re into the wall, you can’t really make accurate turn adjustments with the stick. It’s also incredibly difficult to brake and downshift with the clutch simultaneously.

So my question is, does anyone else feel like you’ve hit a point whereby you can’t progress your times further without upgrading to a hardware steering wheel? Or is there anyone out there who has reached top 5 or even No.1 in any Rivals event using the Xbox Gamepad?

I guess the reason for asking is that I’m wondering if I’ve indeed hit my talent wall, or could I get that extra 0.5-1 second with a steering wheel and challenge for No.1. In any other situation I’d just say screw it and buy it, but they’re very very pricey so I thought it be prudent to run it by you guys first! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

Umm nope. A lot of the top times are using controllers.

Everyone is different so whether a wheel will make YOU quicker can only be decided by you trying it but it is not the case that the leaderboards are dominated by the wheel. Many top times are set using a controller and the best drivers that use a controller drive that smooth that you could not tell.

This is an age old FMnet question.

Almost all the top times were set with pad. (Their were no wheels for FM5 until December/January)

Some say that it’s easier to be smoother more consistent and I would think that is pretty logical conclusion. But I can’t tell you how many wheel users complain about the wheel being to hard too.

It’s just hand eye coordination and much less of a work out with a controller. Cheaper. And when FM6 or Horizon2 comes out you won’t have to cry that your $$$$ wheel isn’t supported.

That’s why I use the controller, plus the space that’s needed. Until the games get to a point where they just add tracks/ cars (digital downloads to existing games over the life of the console- I think ill stick to the controller. Manual with clutch is much easier on the controller as well.

Well if you’re top 10 on any track you’re out of my league. I’m thrilled if I can make top 1% and top 5-8% is usually where I land. One day I’ll buy a wheel just to see where things land but logic tells me that a good wheel has to be better than that itty-bitty joy stick, especially if the force feedback is any good, you just don’t have as much information to help you know how to control your car and all things being equal the guy with the most information wins. Of course all things aren’t equal so while I suspect a wheel might help me move up a few percentage points it won’t get me the mad skills that these top 10 drivers have.

No, a wheel does not make you faster.

The most of the players use pad. Also onr python who is on first place around prague.

Wow I’m really surprised to hear all that, thanks for the input guys. I’d love to know how they get the steering to be so sharp and precise with a gamepad as I find it really quite sluggish and heavy. But it’s reassuring to hear the gamepad isn’t at a disadvantage.

Cheers again.

deadzones 0/100 in advanced controller settings can help.

i never thought about this, nice my friend!


grrr!!! you don’t need any help to get quicker lol

And fine tuned hand motor/ muscle memory skills.

edit: Just found the deadzone settings, will run a few trials to see if this helps! Cheers for the tip.

Ok, I’m utterly astounded how much of a difference the deadzone settings made, and that they were how they were as default. Setting them differently has made this feel like a different game, no longer feeling like I’m playing against high latency and lag. I found this video which explained how best to set up, thanks very much to the author of this video and thanks to the chap who brought this to my attention!

damn i never thought about changing the controller advanced deadzones because i was happy with default setting but now i changed and yes it is more stable and i improved on a monthly rival time attack 3 to 4 tenth, nice. good video thanks for sharing!


A wheel may not make you faster by it is a helluva lot more fun,immersive and after a few hours game time quite a good workout