Do not receive BMW M3-GTR Unicorn Car for reaching Tier 4...


I reached Tier 4 in the Forza Rewards System and i claimed the rewards for the Unicorn Car BMW M3-GTR, but i do not received the car. In my history on the rewards page stand that i used the rewards for these car, but i do not have the car in my Garage or in th Download Section. Nothing. What can i do? Anything with the same Problem…sorry for my bad english. I am from Germany. :wink:

Greetings, Robert

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This means that all those who have reached Tier 4 should get a unicorn?

That must have been quite some time ago as the Unicorns have not been given out though the Rewards system for a long time - it would have been sent but if you did not claim it in the relevant game within 30 days the message would have been automatically deleted. Nothing you can do about it unfortunately.

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Thx for the Info. Then it was my mistake that i do not claim it within 30 days after receiving the message…grml

Good bit with FM5 and FH2 seems to be no 30 day limit on the Rewards messages - the older games you need to stay on top unfortunately (I don’t even bother for the 150,000 anymore).