Dirty Laps are back and as cheap as ever

Dear Turn 10 Studios,
[Mod edit - WSD - profanity and alluding to profanity is against the tos]

A Clean lap is one raced entirely of your own power and skill.

Drafting someone (or allowing someone to draft you to increase their time) will result in a dirty lap because it is not of your own power.

If you would like a guarantee of a clean, fast lap use the Rials feature of the game which is meant exactly for that - hotlapping to get the fastest clean lap possible. Do not expect to get fast, clean, leaderboard times from career races.

In a career or free play race, the purpose is not clean laps but finishing in podium. It does not matter whether your lap is clean or dirty, or even if you have the fastest lap, it only matters that you finish top 3. Fastest lap is even more pointless in career because there is no rankings or points where it might make a difference.

If all you care about is a clean lap - rivals.


You can no longer get to rivals from career mode like you were able to in FM5 or FH2 it’s a pain to go through all of the loading screens find the track then pick your car when you were able to press one button to beat a friends time in the previous titles.

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This is what im missing as well
Made rivals so much easier to access

Ditto. In addition there is as far as I can tell no way to see whether your lap time is clean or dirty outside of the leaderboard, which is annoying.

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This is one of my bigger gripes with forza 6. The only reason I tolerated career was because I could at least earn a clean leaderboard lap. After each race I’d then work the track against the leaderboards. Now I finish, I have a dirty lap on the leaderboards and its not so easy to get to rivals mode. I really hope the game is configured so issues like this can be improved over time… these seem like such minor issues but have a big impact on how much time you can spend driving.

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