Different FFB in Forza 7 vs 6?

New to Forza, and have been using my Thrustmaster TX racing wheel with Forza 6 for a few months. Fast forward and I purchase F7 and notice that the FFB force is much greater in 7 vs 6. Both are set to simulation in the options.
Do other people experience this as well or am I missing a setting in F6 or is it just a difference in game versions.
To give you an example, the FFB in F6 seems like a toy where as I’m getting a forearm workout (good) in F7.

Any thought?

yup, they made huge improvements in FM7 from Fm6 in regards to wheel FFB.

The default force feedback settings and whatever changes they made to the interface seem to have caused my Thrustrmaster TMX wheel to burn out after my first 2 hour session in FM7. I bought another TMX and turned the force settings down to the minimum. I then increased them slightly to the point where I felt comfortable. The second TMX wheel has held up fine using that approach.

Yep,i backed my FFB down to 45,fan still runs a lot at that setting.The fan running a lot more started about a week ago,don’t know if they changed anything or not,i just notice its running a lot more,i have a spare TX,just in case.

Yep, forza 6 lacked a key part of FFB, mechanical trail. Because of this there was no FFB when the tyre was pushed past peak slip angle. FM7 has added this in and it’s the major part to the improvements you can feel, along with the ability to adjust the spring and Damper strength.


To TX users: anyone feel different FFB when a race is starting? I feel the wheel doesnt turn for 2 seconds at the begining and i cant feel the FFB that 2 seconds. I am feeling that from last update.
That happens in a race with a movement start (i dont speak english and i dont know how it says). There are 2 kinds of races: races that stars with car stopped and races where the car is runing and after a 3 seconds countdown you take the car control. I have that feeling with that races, before update i was feeling how the game gives mme the control of car in the weel because it shakes. Now i dont fell anything for 2 seconds or so.

Anyone feels the same or similar?

Running starts do have a slight delay after the countdown, it also happens on the controller its always been this way since they implemented it in forza 6.

You are wrong. I was playing Forza 7 one month ago and before last update, on running starts, i was feeling the ffb from the begining of the race after a wheel shake… Not only ffb, i cant turn and i cant do a great start…Now i have lost that.