Did you know everytime you load a second tune you loose all front settings?

Yep, the second time a tune is changed like say you swap between an A class tune B class tune you from there on out have DEFAULT suspension / tire settings in your front .

This is a huge bug.

Go ahead and try it download a and install a couple tunes and check your telemetry. While tuning on a race press start and attempt to tune then say yes to “remove setup”, delete all your setups, redownload the setup and check the tire pressure and front end camber, Boom you have the correct front camber and tire pressures. To be clear this is not a problem unless you Re-load a tune, or you load more than 1 tune on a car after buying it.

Just thought people should be aware since nobody has mentioned anything.

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Yup, I noticed it and mentioned it to Worm a while back. It only seems to happen on locked tunes that you have saved, if you re-search the tune and “download and install” again it should load correctly.

Thanks for the heads-up. I did not know this. I had noticed some car “feel” changes when changing some locked tunes around. Tire pressure is not a major deal for me (though still a bug), yet, suspension is a major deal. I had not looked at the telemetry assuming that was the tune, I’ll check it out next time.

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Always pull up the telemetry after loading a locked tune. If the front camber is 1.0 (or default), the tune probably didn’t load correctly.

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This is not good, especially for those searching for tunes. So, the only solution for cars with multiple tunes is to have multiple cars? If so, that is really disappointing. Please fix.

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Thanks FOOT! Just learned my lesson.

BTW, I do recall a response from Worm to you indicating that some of the locked telemetry info is not shared or incorrect??? If so, this would obviously impact this thread. This was on a thread around “reverse engineering”. Did I read/interpret such correctly? Thanks!

@RelaxedPRKid, the telemetry is correct, the tunes just aren’t loading completely.

@Hildabeest, yes it’s a problem that most people don’t even realize. If you’ve driven a locked tune you really love the only thing to do is download and install then always leave it on the car. Multiple locked tunes may require multiple cars.

This isn’t exactly on topic but try this. Take a car and build/ tune to a decent level with the rally engine then do the same car with a centrifugal supercharged build. Make sure you they are ok to drive. Go into to testing with the rally engine pre loaded then whilst testing pause the game and load up your centrifugal supercharged tune. The engine will still sound like the rally engine but will rev high up with it being centrifugal supercharged. It sounds AMAZING haha. I did it with a 4WD peugoet 205. That thing accelerates ridiculously. Can only do it in testing as far as I know.

More bugs, lol…though this one sounds like a fun one!

^^^Yeah I noticed this also, I’m sure it’s part of the same issue of not everything loading correctly.

The secret world into what life would be like if you didn’t have to change gear at 5500rpm with that damn rally engine haha

I noticed there were some issues with loading the tunes when I was looking for a tune for a Mini. I used to download the tune and race against the ghost of a friend. With the first tune I was way faster than my friend right from the first turns on Catalunya. So tune number 1: approved. Then I download another one, try it, and don’t like it very much, so I go back to the first tune, and surprisingly I went from beating my friend’s ghost to struggling to keep the pace. At first I thought it was me, but going from a significant advantage to chasing in 20 minutes was a little bit strange. So after I deleted both the tunes I downloaded again the first one…and I was again easily in front of my friend.
Does bringing the car back to stock between one tune download and another solve the issue?

Nvr noticed a difference on how my cars handled with this issue. I did start making my own tho and checking them before starting multiplayer to make sure nothing changed during sync with cloud. My friend has had remake his tunes twice now cause of that issue after updates.

I did a little experimenting this morning and the problem seems to be this:
If a tune is “downloaded and saved”, it will never load correctly, basically getting just the back of the car tuned.
If a tune is “downloaded and installed”, it will be correct. BUT, if you remove it, it will never load again correctly.
Only locked tunes from the sharefront are affected by this.

So in summary, all your saved locked tunes are worthless.

Thank you! I was going to make some checks later but you saved me a lot of time. I guess that many of the tunes I have saved are now useless…not a shiny perspective

So, basically, one should always re-download the same locked tune prior to it’s use. UNLESS, you just have & use ONE LOCKED tune on that car. Pretty weird!

Yes, that would be correct. To make matters worse the micromanaging geniuses who designed the sharefront thought it would be a good idea to remove the name of your favorite tuner once you downloaded the tune once. To get it a second time you have to ‘search’ for it.

The sharefront is broke, it just needs to go away and die.

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Well whaddaya know! What a massive pain! And this may explain a lot about how I’ve been struggling since swapping and changing my A Class F50 tunes, it’ll be interesting to see the difference once I’ve purged my existing locked tunes.

This really needs fixing. Thanks for the heads-up OP.

Yeah, instead of thinking “this tune is garbage”, it might turn out to be good. Be sure to always check your telemetry.

If I think how many times I have downloaded and saved a tune just to basically try out its flawed version later…Probably I didn’t drive correctly lots of good tunes in these months