Day one dlc not showing in game

Hi all

Sorry probably being very thick but I scanned my day one card for the extra cars but they are not showing up in the game itself, am I missing something??

Scanned card?
Downloaded the pack?
Cold booted console?
Started FH2?
Went to Autoshow?
Purchased DLC-cars for 0 Cr each?

Which of these questions have been done by you and which weren’t?

Last two I just assumed they would be in my garage upon starting game

So, did you do them now?

Seeing you have a low Rewards-score, I can only assume you haven’t played Forza-games before and might have overlooked the news & stickies for FM5 and FH2: DLC-cars (day one and future packs) are always 0 Cr. 1-time purchase in the appropriate buying-section of the game.