Credit Grinding

So I want to raise my level in F2 on Rewards, so I need to buy some cars. The only achievements I have left to get are the “cars owned” ones. I also have a couple online cheevos but apparently I can’t get those now. Does anyone know the best races to credit grind on? Endurance races? Professional Series R1? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Don’t know what would be the best/fastest race to grind - personally I find doing the one race over and over boring so tend to try out cars instead and win credits that way.

There are only 2 online achievements for FM2 - one which required the AH and is now unobtainable and the other is the 1,000,000 online winnings which can still be achieved but will take some time as there are few players online for FM2.

I won’t be able to get the online achievements for this game because, apparently, the server no longer is there for FM2. Is that true? If so, then I’ll never get those achievements :frowning:

You can still race online - the servers for things like the AH were removed, but you can still race online, just hard to find others to race with.

Some people do race online there. Heck i’m 40,000 credits away from winning the 1,000,000 credit online achievement