Coca Cola Holiday 2015 design *FINISHED*

After all of the other changes i’ve made with this design, I am glad that i can call it finished, i would like to thank everyone who gave me the encouragement and motivation to help me reach the goal of finishing this design.
I will be uploading this design and a tune i will be making for it on December 1, 2015 to the storefront .

coke7 by xChapterIVx, on Flickr
coke6 by xChapterIVx, on Flickr
coke5 by xChapterIVx, on Flickr
coke8 by xChapterIVx, on Flickr

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Can a moderator please lock my In Progress thread for me please

Turned out GREAT xChapter IV! Will DEFINITELY be grabbing a copy on the 1st!


Extremely well done sir! Easy to tell you have a lot of time in project… :slight_smile:

Wow! Very Nice! Will be looking for it…

Cool ride xChapter IV, got my copy the other day. :slight_smile:

To the storefront!

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