Cheaters Be Cheatin' Again!

Just took part in one of the seasonal championships and guess what one of the drivatars were driving?

Only the VW from next months “The Trial”, that’s what.

Time Travel Cheat!

Why can’t PG ban these blatant “Time Travel Cheats”?

It’s not like they stumbled upon the car by accident, is it?

The drivertars have always been able to use every available (what the VW technically is) car.
They don’t require a player to own one.
“Time traveler” don’t affect this.

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As is evident by the fact that I continue to race against several people on my friends list, as AI, that have never played Horizon 4, yet they have cars to drive.

Drivatars can and will use any and all cars in the game.

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you can literaly say the drivertars owens all cars :wink:


The developers are aware of the earlier-than-allowed cars issue with actual users but you can best help them by sending these reports as a ticket at the Support site instead of on the forums.