Celebrate Earth Day Rivals | Apr. 21-26

Celebrate Earth Day

Driving awareness is one way Microsoft is helping with the discussion about ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Celebrate Earth Day on the picturesque rolling hills of VIR and receive an Earth Day themed Driver Gear plus a 2015 BMW i8 with Earth Day themed livery by setting your fastest time.

Deadline Tuesday, April 26, 2022 10:59 PM (4pm Pacific, UTC-7)
Track VIR Grand West, sunny
Car 2010 Chevrolet #99 Green Earth Team Gunnar Oreca FLM09

Head to the FM7 Single Player Rivals menu and select Featured Rivals to participate. Players can run as many laps as they wish to improve their time by the close of the event.


Rewards will be gifted to all eligible recipients after the event has closed. You will need to have room in your garage to download the car from your in-game Messages. Note that custom liveries are not part of the manufacturer colors for cars and cannot be restored if you paint over the car or remove the car from your garage.

Driving tips & photos from @send_it_fm: Take care in negotiating the old Hogpen corner, especially Turns 17A - 17C. It can be challenging for many, as it’s easy to lose traction or run too wide through the turn. Try putting two wheels slightly on the grass to get a faster lap!

The Chevy FLM09 is easy to drive, but be careful after the Climbing Esses when entering Turn 10 at @VIRnow. As you approach, scrub speed a little early before the corner, and turn in early to place the car on a better line.

Forza Mototsport 7 “Celebrate Earth Day” Rivals challenge removal: How do you send a message 2 days after the event is over with. It’s no longer in the Featured Events tab.

Is that the first time you’ve logged in to the game since the event started? If so, the ‘sent’ date might just be the day you logged in, rather than when it was sent.

If not, well it’s another one of those trivial annoyances at which the Forza series excel.

Congrats to all participants in our Celebrate Earth Day Rivals event at VIRnow. Here are the Top 10 fastest drivers!