Car hitboxes in multiplayer

So I know the new game runs off of FM5’s engine, which is good news, however I’m not sure if that means this problem will be eliminated.

As a tandem drifter, it was hard to play Horizon 1 because of the hitboxes on cars. They seemed massive, and a slight tap would bunce someone a lot farther off-line than it should.

I understand I’m in the minority here, but a more accurate hit-box would be awesome, at least to other player controlled cars.

You’re kinda right about the hitboxes. They did make our cars feel like tanks. Of course, it’ll be tricky to get every car an exact hitbox. But I’m sure Playground know what they’re doing. I’m sure they learned from the flaws of Horizon’s multiplayer

I agree! We should be able to trade some paint will going toe to toe with other racers, without being catapulted by the physics engine across the track over minor hits. I noticed this a lot in single player and multiplayer matches in Forza 5. One small tap - race ruined, then I have to hit the rewind button. Rinse and repeat. Not fun and not realistic! Body panels should absorb alot of the impact rather than the whole entire car affected by minor hits from other cars!

The hitboxes will probably be similar (for better or worse) to FM5. But, here’s hoping it works out.

well what about sumo that is using the FH1 engine?