Can't play Xbox One discs

I’m unable to play my discs with the error message appearing with code 0x80820002.They are all original and brand new.It keeps asking if I own the disc and I’m always signed in when I try to play.It’s become an exercise of frustration as something always needs to be verified and it takes 20 tries to finally nail it.I downloaded Forza 6 and it fires up everytime.It’s a Day One console and I need help from anyone out there.Thanks

You’re probably better off posting this on the Xbox forums but in any case give this a read

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Obviously it’s a problem that has not been handled properly,sounds like I have a “Bricked” console.Thanks KTVDS

I found a solution to this problem and it doesn’t involve physical violence to the console.Partially insert the disc about halfway and pull back(resist) on it then let the console take it.Works everytime now.Well worth a try if you have this problem.

Best solution ever - I mean no violence but … MS Team Wake Up. I doubt every normal person who just want to enjoy gaming will look for this kind of solution!

I have this issue every once in a while with my Xbox One. It is only 10 months old, but already have a disc drive problem. It’s not the games, and it’s not the coding. My disc goes in fine, but the disc drive won’t read the discs sometimes. So I have to try to manually remove it via the release hole by the controller connect button. Half the time, I have to restart the console a few times for the tray inside to come fully out so a disc can be inserted again. When the little disc icon doesn’t show up on the tile for the game I want to play, on the home screen, then I know I have to mess with it for a while, and I shouldn’t have to.

It is shoddy equipment that Microsoft uses in their consoles. I have had many disc drives go completely out on the Original Xbox, and on my 360’s (yes plural, disc drives had to be replaced in all 6 360’s I have owned).

The main problem I have is that I am a smoker, and cigarette smoke is horrible for the disc drive laser lens. That being said, it’s partly my fault, but some blame has to be on Microsoft for not doing research about how to seal the open areas of the disc drive so that they will last longer. I know what we have is going to be as good as it gets. But come on, an open front disc drive with felt brushes as a cover??? That is the stupidest design that failed 25 years ago in other home electronics, and car cd-players.

Those brushes on the front still allow dust (in my case, smoke) to get on the laser lens, causing read errors. So, if the disc icon doesn’t show up on the tiles above your pinned tiles, that disc wasn’t read, so the error message will come up if you don’t own the digital copy of that particular game.

I never had the issue with Forza 6, bought the Ultimate digital version when it was first put up for sale in the MS Store. I have sense rebought a number of my games digitally, just so I don’t have to mess with the disc drive. Those titles include Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline, Need for Speed Rivals (all downloaded through EA Access), Forza Motorsport 5, Forza Horizon 2, and The Crew (though it is free for the rest of the month, so I didn’t spend any money on it). So in total, I spent $25 for FH2 (digital), and around $20-30 for FM5 (digital, can’t remember what the price was a couple of weeks ago when I rebought it). I still have the disc for quicker reinstallation of the games if I need to do it, provided my disc drive works at that point.

In my opinion, having the disc copy of the games is always better. But sometimes, you just have to go digital to keep frustration levels down with those disc read errors. And yes, you can download the games on top of the disc installed files. The only thing the download does when you buy the digital version, is it downloads the license for you to play the game without the disc. Hope all of this info helps others who have this issue, though I know some of it, or a lot of it, may be off topic, but it’s good info to know if you run into these issues, so I feel it’s all pertinent to the conversation.