Can't download vinyl groups?

hi guys

Recently come back to the game after a long time of not playing (and still love the game, great fun) anyway I cannot for the life of me find out why I cant download anyones vinyl groups.

I do not have the options too, no matter what area of the menus I visit. I dont recall ever doing anything that could warrant being blocked from doing this, if that’s even a thing? I can still download other people’s designs etc, and even upload my own designs and vinyl groups, and I only ever make rally themed designs, so I don’t think I’ve possibly broken any T&C’s?

I have also checked my xbox account and game content is all open etc. Anyone know of a fix? Cheers

(Love the new cars T10, cant wait for the 205 Rallye!)

As you I came to have an uncommon issue that few seconds after starting race, the game was freezing, performance mode, quality mode etc same result. Support was of no help sending me instructions for PC when I had indicated playing on XBOX … Finally I wiped game & saves, reinstalled game, made my prey for avoiding the sync error of death / more than 10 mn to get from 0 to 1% is quite some stress ) and game was running again. I have the feeling that sometimes updates are not going so nicely and let your game in unstable state, could be the case for yours.
you can also log a ticket but apparently, from recent posts, the support team guy is on leave at the moment so don’t expect quick answer.
Good luck

Oh god, I dont know if I want to risk the dreaded sync test, lol