Can't delete blueprints, only race tracks

yeah that’s really annoying

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There is one way to delete blueprints, but it isn’t exactly a good way by any means. In order to delete a blueprint:

If it is a custom route, you need to delete the route from your saved routes, this will delete all blueprints utilizing the route. It will give you a warning that this is going to happen. It will delete ALL blueprints that are using that route. If you don’t want to delete all your blueprints using that route, you can create a new route that is a real quick point to point, and create new custom route blueprints overwriting the blueprints you want to delete with blueprints using this new custom route. Then delete the quick point to point route you just made and applied to a bunch of blue prints to delete them all.

If it is not a custom route (a premade track you just changed the title, season, weather, laps, etc.) you need to make 5 custom route blue prints to be able to overwrite the non-custom route blueprint with a custom routeblue print, Then delete the custom route to delete all the custom route blueprints. Again same as above use a quick point to point route to make these so its fast and easy to delete.

Make sense?

Do what I do. Make quicm blueprints called hold1 or whatever and save. Can only have five blueprints a start so you save one you want and rest just hold. Once five exist, you can save over any of them. Saving over the track you want to keep will load all settings from before allowing you to change anything without redoing settings from scratch