Cannot enter Horizon Festival 4 site


Pretty new to Xbox so please bear with me.

I seem to be caught in a death loop as I cannot access the Festival site. At the Festival Site screen I click X to enter, and then it just takes me to my garage. I select my (only!) car, press driven and that takes me to the Festival Site again. But clicking X just takes me to the garage. And hence the loop I am caught in

I have set a route on the world map.

I just do not know what I am doing wrong.

You may have to flip your controller configuration (settings)
Attach a screenshot (uploaded to Flickr or Twitter) on the controller layout if possible

Why don’t you just drive away from the festival once you exit the garage??

The ‘festival’ is access to the garage, as are any of the houses/castle’s.

Solved! I read it too literally. Thought i had to press x to enter the circuit, but no. I can just drive off. Duh