Can you play online with a Strict NAT type?

So i’ve had forza for more than a year and recently my NAT type changed to strict and now i can’t play online anymore…

I did literally nothing at all to cause this and now i can’t fix it.

I tried all the steps they list on the help website and I tried all the stuff in youtube tutorials, with IP helper and other services, reinstalling teredo, group policy edits, registry edits, forwarded all the ports that i need for forza, tried 2 different routers, reinstalled windows 10… I don’t even believe i can fix it at all anymore to be honest… I spent like 10 hours now trying to fix this, but all i get is either “teredo can’t qualify” or whatever and then i get a Strict NAT type…

It makes me really sad that to no fault of my own i now can’t play forza online because i really enjoyed like drifting with other players in the drift adventures and stuff like that… but what can you do i guess.

I was wondering if maybe i could like join a club with people and then join their existing lobbies at least? since it seems that a Strict NAT type can’t host their own games, but i was wondering if i could at least do something… It’s just so stupid that this is still an issue, but hey i guess some companies just don’t care about their customers and that’s how it is…
Thanks in advance for any info

Sounds about right. Many people blame devs but with strict NAT it’s your fault. It should work somehow because I have some friends with it. But it’s very random.

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Well i just think that microsoft or whoever should just make a change that prevents this from happening, if so many people have problems with it, it’s clearly the system that’s at fault, if 50% of the playerbase can’t connect to online matches for some reason, i used to be able to, now i can’t and a friend who i used to play with can still play, it’s just random and bad design imo.

If you can’t buy proper connection, it’s your fault. I believe if technically it’s solvable it won’t be any issue. Strict NAT is problem for 10+ years for any game.

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yea so a 10 year old problem caused by some bullshit inside xbox / windows 10 is my fault? Do i need like a NASA connection to play games? all other games i ever played worked just fine besides this one which randomly broke by itself for whatever reason, but i guess it’s my fault and i should buy a better connection. I guess i should stop playing forza on my dial up connection then.

I meant it’s not Horizon 4 specific. You need NORMAL internet connection. Not some ***** one. Exactly, that’s it. Don’t blame others.

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When I bring my laptop to work, there I have strict NAT and haven’t had a problem playing online games, except many give some msg about it, but everything still works just fine. Including FH4

Buy an Xbox.

Xbox is better for sure but can’t help with a bad connection.

I think 4 Mbs is the minimum but it will be sluggish according to a site i was reading about it on.

with connection is meant not only the speed, but also the type of connection.
a mobile phone connection is the worst option. can work, but doesn’t have to.

Exactly, speed is not an issue for many years I guess. You need public IP address for your console or equivalent solution. That’s the proper connection. Everything else is fake. It’s OK for checking websites but not playing online games. It could work but it’s not good. I have many friends with bad connections and know their troubles. Sometimes it works fine.

Strict NAT has nothing to do with Xbox vs PC or with a connection being “bad”. Strict NAT is how everyone’s connection should start out, if they have a clue what they are doing, as it means that your connection is secure. As soon as you open up ports, you introduce potential security risks.

I would never advocate leaving UPnP enabled, but if you temporarily enable UPnP on your router, it’s useful to see if that fixes the problem. If it doesn’t, then forget any messing about with forwarding specific ports, as it’s not going to work because UPnP gives the game the ability to open any ports it wants anyway.

In terms of something that could have recently changed without you doing anything, many people have recently had to manually change the Teredo server as described in this post, I would try this first:

That’s why i didn’t hazard a guess on that part Bree.

I soon as i seen it was about ports i kind of went “nah, too much hassle”…

Had same Problem. After hours of playing around ive got it working.
Make sure Teredo is working, there are many Posts in diff Places about this.
Make sure your Router isnt Blocking the Ports and any Teredo Filter is disabled (UPnP enabled).

In Settings Xbox-Network it was showing Nat: Strict blabla and was thinking all the steps above didnt work.
I have a 3rd Party Antivirus/Firewall Software installed wich disables the Windows Firewall.
In Windows SecurityCenter it was showing Firewall disabled after clicking Reset to default Windows Firewall was active and Xbox-Network was showing Nat: Strict Status: Connected and Playing online is fine now

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Tried the IP6 switch, checked my router everything is fine but still not seem to fix it…