Camera Motion Effects

Hello Turn10. First of all, a big thank you for bringing your great series to PC. We lacked heavily a really good racing game. You gave us both your sim and arcade, sim being friendly and fun to casuals too. Just a question. Is there any chance you insert camera motion effects of Forza Motorsport 7 to Horizon 4? I really cant play the game because of that. Thanks again.

You mean the drift camera? If so. Go to options> Hud, go down through the options and adjust what you need

No, the classic chase camera, when you brake it goes closer to the car. Cant stand that. :frowning: In FM7 there is an option to stay stable.


The effect is still pretty noticible in this game, in fact I see it just the same as any Motorsport game.

Raising the sensitivity of the stoping camera effect in lower speeds? I can agree to this only at racing, it could look too excessive for some people if they’re just cruising around

In Motorsport you can completely set it off in settings. So when you brake the car doesnt “come closer” to you, stays solid. In Horizon the only thing you can change that affect that motion is FOV but again, nothing special, still you get braking motion effects. Have to say that i love everything else about the cameras in Forza, Motorsport 7 is perfect. I use and love the high chase cam, same goes for the close cockpit first person cam (the one you dont see the wheel), imo its the best fp cam in any racing game, you can see a lot and at the same time you immerse yourself without that wheel, either you play with wheel or controller (i use the second)


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Thank you!