CALLING YALL GOOFBALLS! gotta group activity idea!

hey i want to issue a lill fun challenge of pool table shinanigans of types. those of you whome are willing take your 2 tp 4 of your micro machines and make each one a random different billiard ball also make one white beetle for Q ball and pick a vintige to make into your pool stick. and take any one of them and join up at the stunt park with any others that are taking part. theres no set time of arival for this only a player count requirement to kick off the activity. also no multiple numbers if you arive and your billiard number is already there you must switch to another number and if you dont have a number thats not already present just ask for a number shuffle with someone that has a different number not present "please cooperate with number shuffles if you have a number not present. it would be cool of you!! once theres 15 billiard balls plus last two to arrive will be first. Q ball. and last is pool stick and first shooter. convoy up Q ball as leader only because Q ball picks between 9 ball or full rack from near by event lab where i will have a game or two put together with some random hijinx hopefully… read decription for playstyle instructions… and any clever fun ideas are welcomed and any assistance with making the obstical courses would be appreciated greatly.

you up for it???

any one that would like to help with game play and obstical maps please hit me up via xbox chat messaging and the wierder the Shenanigans the better