Busted headlights glitch?

I just restarted about halfway through the Le Mans endurance race because its too dark and scary in the French countryside. Grrr.

It seems like they fix headlights in the pits now (great) BUT if I hit rewind, even BEFORE a crash, I lose both my headlights. The first incident was when another LMP car brake checked me. The second was a non-impacting off due to a moments inattention. As soon as I hit rewind the headlights go out and I can’t seem to do anything (but pit) to change it.

Anyone else see this? What gives?

(Yeah, yeah, turn rewind off. Maybe one day I’ll be like you and sit at the cool kids table, but until then I’m playing a game the way I want to.)

I love your preemptive strike regarding the rewind. Truly, that is odd and needs to be addressed.

You earn more credits with rewind off anyway. Also I think there is a dare mod that asks you to run with rewind off so even more credits.