Black screen when attempting to launch multiplayer mode

Hey all…new to the forum. It’s been a real ordeal just to get Forza 7 to a playable state on my gaming rig. Windows creators update stability issues, forza download restarting from the store, then finally it crashing at startup.

If it helps, my specs:

i7 Haswell-E
Nvidia GeForce 980 GTX (Driver version: 388.43)
Two Kingston 256 GB SSDs
Windows 10 Pro - Version 1709

The single player at this time is working well. Unfortunately, every time I launch multiplayer it plays the intro multiplayer video plays then it will just sit there with a black screen. I’ve left it on for at least 15-20 mins and it just seems to be stuck there. The music will play, but nothing appears to happen after the black screen appears. I’ve searched the web and no-one else seems to have this issue, only was able to find topics for the initial startup of forza 7. Anyone run into this and found a solution?

Thanks in advance!