Best way to increase realism?

I’ve seen some videos of this game and I’m always puzzled at how much better it looks than what I’ve got running, almost as if it was a different game.

The vid I’m talking about is this one: Forza Horizon 4 Review "Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?" - YouTube

Some of the gameplay footage looks like it’s real, especially the gravel, but I’ve never even journeyed near “uncanny valley” with my game and my set up.

I’ve got an RX 570 8GB running at 1080p on all ultra settings.

I’m wondering if it’s because I didn’t put it on the highest possible settings (extreme for some options)?

The video maker mentioned something about HDR, is there HDR in this game and if so, is it automatically applied or do I have to enable it?

Lastly, would you guys rather play this game at 120 fps on a 120 Hz monitor at 1080p on ultra/extreme, or at 60 fps at 1440p on ultra? Or maybe 30 fps on 4k on ultra? Or maybe 60 fps on 4k on high?

What’s that sweet spot for the best graphic quality, especially since I don’t have a 1080 TI with the luxury to do 4k extreme 120 fps?

Edit: my settings are manual, everything is at ultra.

It’s most likely HDR. You’ll need a display and gpu capable of it. I play on a 144hz 1440p HDR QLED monitor 'n this game looks absolutely stunning.

Are you using the dynamic renderer or manually choosing the options? If you want more photorealism, probably the single biggest change would be making sure the game is using the highest resolution textures. You’ve got an 8GB card and only running at 1080p so you won’t have any memory issues there.

HDR is supported by the game, but you’ll need a tv/monitor that supports HDR to actually enable it. You can toggle it on the video settings menu.

Honestly, I would go for 60 FPS at 1440p ultra with HDR. HDMI doesn’t have enough bandwidth for HDR at 60 fps and 4K, so you would need to use displayport which means you’ll need to get a more expensive display. 120 Hz is probably overkill (plus you’ll be spending a lot extra to get a monitor that even supports it and will likely run into the same video bandwidth issues).

If you mostly want nice screenshots/photos, go for the 4K ultra at 30 fps with HDR. There’s quite a few affordable 4K TVs with HDR that would work well for this (although you would need to upgrade your GPU since it’s not really suitable for either 4K at high settings and playable framerates or 60 fps at 1440p).

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Don’t know what kind of HDR FH4 do, it depends on what they mean with HDR. For example EuroTruckSimulator2 also has HDR since 2012 and you don’t need a deepcolor displayport panel for it. HDR is a method invented ~1850, just 170years ago and hasn’t anything to do with colors. The main goal in HDR is to make dark shadows and bright lights looking more natural. Sure, it looks better with more colors, but its not needed for the HDR method itself. And different games/grafikengines do different HDR-methods. Afaik ~2005 the first games came up with HDR-post filters. I know, today you can buy monitors with a HDR-Ready sign on it, but that only mean it has a 10Bit deepcolor panel, which has nothing to do with the HDR-method. Looking few years ahead they will need new weird names when the panels getting 12Bit colors… don’t know why they call it hdr when a panel do more colors, better black and better lights, its just confusing…

With post filter injectors like fxaa, reshade or sweetfx you can also do HDR for games don’t have this, without any need for a deepcolor-monitor.

So the big question is what kind of HDR FH4 do?

Is the high resolution texture a separate download or is it just the highest setting on textures in the options? Any idea what’s going on with that youtube video link? Is it HDR that makes it look like that?

The high res textures are included in the game (which is a large part of why the download is so huge), you just need to make sure the video settings are set to enable them. HDR helps with making the shadows and night look better, generally it won’t affect what the ground textures look like. There may be some post processing settings that improve things though like subsurface scattering, haven’t toyed around with the graphics too much yet.

HDR has been available for years, but as above was mainly the colour depth.

The latest generation of HDR is all about brightness, a bright panel has much better contrast which really adds to depth perception and realism. Images pop and look more detailed.
A standard screen is 100-300 nits (brightness) whereas HDR are 500-2000 nits. The games needs to be able to use the full range, not just give an overall brighter image.

If the game looks ‘more real’ on you tube than playing, it’s not HDR it can only be your settings

Double post

Thanks for all the replies.

Hopefully I can get this next question answered here instead of making another thread…

What does the wheel-less cockpit view look like with a 1080p monitor as opposed to a 1440p monitor? I think on a 1080p monitor, if I remember correctly, I can barely see the driver’s side mirror. If I move on to a 1440p monitor, would it give me a greater horizontal viewing angle? Right now the max horizontal FOV angle the game allows me to set is 55 degrees for the wheel-less cockpit view.

If anyone can show me screen shots I’d high highly appreciate it.

And freesync, would it been needed at all if I plan to do 1440p on ultra? Or is just vsync capped at 60 fps good enough?


FOV is not affected by the resolution.

1440p has the double amount of pixels, so you will get about the half fps.

If you want to be able to see out the sides more, you might want to consider an ultrawide monitor (something with a 21:9 aspect ratio instead of 16:9) or even multiple monitors (but then you get seams, still handy for office work though).

1440p and 1080p are the same aspect ratio, so they’ll have exactly the same FOV limitations.

If you don’t want to have to upgrade your GPU, take a look at this: Doesn’t have HDR support, but it is 1080p ultrawide if you want more peripheral vision.

Another interesting article here on gaming monitors: The best gaming monitors in 2022 | Rock Paper Shotgun

Huh, didn’t even know 1440p is the same aspect ratio as 1080p, and that it doesn’t provide a higher fov.

Does anyone have comparison pics as to what extra things I can view? Irl I tried seeing what I can view, and it’s pretty much the entire driver side mirror + a bit of driver side window, and the A pillar on the passenger side.

Will an extra wide angle help me to achieve this?