Anyone still having garage issues? I still am.

Garage lag & “Missing” cars are gone, like it should have been on DAY 1 after spending $100 on the game but I am still having some garage issues. Never got the Dart until now & every Dart GT I buy show up red in my garage. Have enough credits/cars not to worry so I bought 1 of every color just to see & ALL red in the garage. Having the same issue with 2013 GT500, 2011 Ford Raptor, & a whole bunch of other cars. When I buy them they are the correct color, but view them in the garage & they change. Multiple cars & multiple manufacteurs. Anyone else still having garage issues.

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Its doing it with more cars now. I think it might have something to do with the color of the cars next to it in the garage??? My hellcat is Red & ALL my Darts becomes red. My 2011 Raptor is Blue & I bought a black GT500 & it turned blue. I have an orange Fiesta ST & bought another one in Blue & it turns orange in the garage?? Its just getting worse, I sold my ACR & Durango bought them again in white & grey, now they are Red. Durango,ACR,Charger Hellcat, Chal. SRT8, Dart are all Red in the garage & none of them are supposed to be except my Challenger Hellcat? Yeah this is why I have not pre-ordered Horizon 4 yet, not Playground games fault but worries me a little.

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The only car I’ve had this issue with is the new C.T.R. I own two, one is left alone for P.I. reasons and the other has been freed from its restrictor plates. Both cars share a general design that I then switch the color up on. The C class car was left in factory red while the A class car is supposed to be showing up in Phoenix Yellow; my saved design file retains the color but once applied to the car it changes it back to red. If I remove the red car from my garage, the phoenix yellow car magically becomes just that, buy another CTR in any color and my design is now that color as well. This is the only car I’ve had this issue with, along with getting kicked out of it every time I turn the game off, turn it back on and now I’m in the previous generation CTR; though I’ve noticed this happening with other cars as well just not near as consistent. This is not the only “double” I own in the game but it is the only car that cannot differentiate between the various colors/designs I’ve chosen.

Yeah liveries & custom colors seem to work fine for me. The only issues seem to be manufacture colors

Apply a tune to them and see if it “fixes” it

Every car I own has a Tune to it, because of homologation/homolgation (spell check) that way when the H-Word destroys the handling of a car I can bring it back to life.

It started with new cars too like the 720s. Tried to change the color & same issues. I just sold/removed about 250-300 cars today and bought them again in the color I want. Most were free from leveling up in colors that I don’t like. Fixed it visually for me, but the problem still exists. I race a lot & bought a TON of Forza Edition cars when they were cheap so buying every car in a different color is no big deal. I just don’t want to see someone that dosen’t have that kind of credits have to do that.

My garage worked good before update,now is slow as snail snot,has a spinning wheel in middle of screen,like the one when game is loading,it really broke my garage with update!!!

Yeah with the Bugatti Chiron, crashes when i highlight it.