Anyone else finding that the playlist item "horizon open - spoilt for choice" is not completing?

Another bug, it seems. I just did and won a team games event but it did not work for the playlist. Is it only solo games that work? If so, that’s bad - really bad, winning solo events is very hard for most people. The Eliminator is the least unlikely but that’s not easy. Individual races in team events, maybe? Also not good.

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See the seasonal thread, there’s plenty of info in there.

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It doesn’t matter if your Team wins the Games or not…what counts is if you won a particular round…so, most flags scored or longest time as king


Ah, right, thanks. So irritating when I got second in several of these open things!

I was able to complete this one by scoring the most flags in a game… albeit, most of the other team had quit out at that point, so it was easy to obtain.

Bugged as well. I can say solo or not it’s not working. I won all three races in an event solo and didn’t get it. Just completed another playground where I literally got XP for “first win of the day” and it’s still not completing. As someone really pushing for accolades the amount of bugs this game has STILL is getting ridiculous. Maybe it’s because I play nearly daily that I “see” it more but I have plenty of accolades not working. Not to mention the fact that I’m trying to 100% this series and if that challenge continues to bug it may cost me some hard fought accolades.

I also struggled - did a team games event - Team Won but I missed out because I started in the second race.
Thankfully though the next event was a solo and it was 1 against 1 - Me in a MINI Cooper S - the other guy just dropped out after about 12 secs - so it is possible to win - even if it was just sheer luck. Just keep at it.

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