Anybody still race online?

I am almost finished with F2. Played the series backwards so F2 was the last one i had to complete on the 360.
I can use help with the 1M online credits achievement. I’ve looked a few nights online but there weren’t races to join.

So if someone is willing to help me out and race a few races online against me that would be highly appreciated.

Sure. I don’t have the 1M online credits either. What times work for you? Weekends are probably the best. The best times for me are after 8pm Pacific time on any day or before 12 noon on the weekends. I could probably arrange some other times occasionally.


I have to figure out how this is going to work for both of us. I am 9 hours ahead of pacific time. So i am guessing for you morning for me evening would be a workable option.
I will try to setup a race sunday.

Offcourse any others who want to join or just help by joining session so the number of players is higher… you are welcome.

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I haven’t checked the forums for a few days. I am sorry I missed your post. Can we try again this weekend?


Hey there, I still try to play FM2 every now and again, but not as much due to events in other Forza games.

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Would be nice to race in a proper lobby and post lap times and save replays,it dont make a jot how high a tier a racer is as to me that is the challenge i welcome.if someone could post time and date then i would like to be involved.

Hi, I’ll be finishing forza motorsport 4 in the coming days and I will then be going back to forza motorsport 2 to get as many achievements as possible to increase my forza rewards points. Can anyone tell me what achievements it will be impossible to get because of servers etc… When i skimmed through the list it only looked like 2 achievements were online achievements… Can anyone elaborate? Advice greatly appreciated… A phonecall to turn 10 or something will be needed to come up with a solution if i cannot get 1000G e.g. Give the achievements out automatically or remove the corresponding amount of gamerscore from what is currently required to get 500 forza reward points. :slight_smile: