Any news on Garage/Tune/Paint size?

I recall this being asked early in the marketing cycle and the answer being “we’ll reveal the garage/tune/paint size at a later date” which I felt was fair enough.

We’re now a couple of days from early release and the game has gone gold and I at least have not seen any new statement about garage size, number of tunes you can save, or liveries you can save.

I was hoping to get an update. I have this paranoid fear that PGG is going to miss the perfect time to update the sizes (pre-release), and we’re going to be doing the same delicate dance of desperately needing to update these sizes vs potential save file corruption that we had in 4.

No news before implied “we’re working on it”, but no news now is worrying. If this has already been announced and I just missed it I apologize.

It’s not like a bug, or a problem with the game, it’s about paying for tons of online storage, or only being allowed so much game storage overall.

We’re most definitely going to be disappointed with the amount of tunes and liveries saves and shares!! Why would they wait til the 5th version of this game to give us what everyone wants!!

It would be nice if they made liveries work more like tunes from the standpoint that you would be able to delete the livery from your inventory while still leaving it applied to the car, at least for third-party liveries. When downloading a third-party livery, you should not be consuming a significant amount of cloud storage space, as you are just creating a reference to someone else’s work. It will increase local storage cost, but that should not be a concern for MS Studios.