Any DLC coming up?

Hi, so I was looking through the autoshow and decided to buy one of the car packs. The option to buy a single car, car pack or the “six DLC packs for the price of five” came up and I noticed the pass wasn’t much more money than the car pack (I can’t remember how much) I guessed it was on sale so I went for that instead. Turns out I should read things before buying them… I thought by buying it I would be able to download five extra packs from the store (on top of the pack I got when buying the pass) but after buying I realised it was actually six upcoming DLC packs. Is there actually going to be more DLC? I was under the impression the last DLC was released months ago, but you would think that the car pass option would be gone from the store right?


No more DLC for this game FH3 will be out later this year…

no it’s has been a very long time since they released any DLC.

Yeah that’s what I thought. But why is DLC of that type still available? Pretty sure it only unlocked me two DLC packs.

Look again in your “Buy Cars” autoshow thing. The cars for six packs will be available to you.

Read the DLC thread at the top of this forum. The Car Pass is a bulk discount on specified packs. It remains available after those packs were released for players who pick up the game down the road.

Did any one see the all in one dlc pack it included all fh2 dlc in one price of 119.99! Or 49.99 for gold … I cant find it anymore and just got the game