[ANSWERED] Undo progress

Anybody know if it’s possible to undo a save game for when you make a mistake?

I’ve just accidently used around a £1m on a rust and repair of the Lotus Elise without realising. Not sure if it’s possible to go back to a point before then.

Nope…you cant

Doubt it, the game is pretty much synced to the server afaik.

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I guess maybe a reset if anything by deleting local and cloud save?

He wants to get back a million credits-- not lose every car, house, clothing/dance move and in-story progress he’s gone through so far!

Notice that you quoted the OP.

Are you wanting to reset back to nothing at all? That might be possible. Resetting back to a certain spot likely isn’t.

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Take the hit and chalk it up to experience. An hour around Goliath or another track you enjoy should recover most of the cash.

There is no legitimate way to back out of a transaction, any activity that tries to change the game state could be flagged as hacking / exploit and get you banned.

Just not worth it.


ok thanks. Not sure what to do yet, more peeved with myself that I didn’t read it properly. Not sure how much money I had but remember seeing it around 1.5m. I then just unlocked the Forza Roster and forzathon and went to buy a RS Focus only to notice I only had 12,000.

Guess deleting the local and cloud storage would restart the game. Not sure how far in I’ve got really, only shows about 3hours driving time but does feel quite a bit

Unfortunately you can’t can’t undo or rewind the game. You will have to earn the 1 million again.

hmmm to delete and reset or not to delete and reset…that is the question

Its only a million which isnt really that much
You can earn it back easily enough

I did a delete and reset because I found the Drift Zones and Speed Zones to be too immersion-breaking for my liking (ghosted cars and whatnot) and I had put way too many of them onto the map.

You’ll be able to re-download any tunes and paints you’ve shared online, but that is about it: you lose everything else. If you purchased any Car Packs or have Car Pass, you’ll be able to download all of them again for free, so at least that’s a relief.

ok thanks. Only thing I’ve done is download a livery and I gained some cars through playing previous Forza’s. I’m assuming they will come back

Decided to carry on, couldn’t be doing with the hassle of starting again

You’ve barely played the game. Money and cars come at you thick and fast in this game. Eventually you wont even bother worrying about money.