[ANSWERED] FPS drops with graphics card RX580

Hi, I recently bought an 8GB RX 580 graphic but I have some very important fps drops. I also have problems with the fluidity of the images. I tried to lower the quality of the graphics and the problem persists. What can I do?

With my old graphics card, a 1050ti goes much more fluid with the graphics settings high.

Anyone knows a solution?

Try opening a support ticket


I am also having fps drops and stutters. The game tends to start stuttering and dropping frames when hitting 70% GPU load and more load equals more stuttering and bigger frame dropping. I have a RTX Titan but game is unplayable at the Ultra preset at 4k. It will not run smooth. Bit like Horizon 3 it’s got similar issues.

I also have similar problems in forza horizon 3… Other games run perfectly.

Have you tried troubleshooting with the GPU support team?

This problem has been ongoing way past the purchase of the RX. I too have an RX 580 8gb, 3 weeks old, beats the recommendations and still problems!!

So I’ve had to send this as a support ticket… PM me if you find a solution

……again I ask you for help, 2nd ticket raised and an email, I have bought this title from Microsoft and Turn 10 have known about this issue since the last Windows 10 UPDATE… So I ask you WHAT ARE YOU DOING???
I could understand a third party conflict but, pmsl, you are apparently ONE!?
I was given this product as a gift…which has become an embarrassing and expensive mistake!!
Therefore, as the Title Description doesn’t explain the fact that you physically HAVE TO ROLL BACK WINDOWS to play the game… I WANT MY MONEY BACK!! AND THE VIP MONEY, you broke the contract NOT ME???
This will also be sent to Microsoft!!

You want your money back for a gift huh? lol