[ANSWERED] Fps drops/stutter


When I play FH4 the game keeps stuttering all over the place. In other games I don’t have this problem. I’ve tried many solutions to keep the stutter away, but they were all useless :frowning:
Are there more people who have this problem? Or somebody who has an solution? Already thanks for your help.

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I have the same issue
It mainly happens if you sit in menu or in festival ( auction house or garage or whatever involves menu)
After a while game gets horrible stutter when frames drop to 1 or 2 every 20 seconds or 10 seconds.

THE ISSUE IS DISK SPEED - FH4 spikes disk usage to 100%

My pc specs are :
Ryzen 3 1200
GTX 1060 3GB
1TB HDD (7200 rpm) WD Blue couple months old
8GB DDR4 ram 2666mhz

I hope developers are aware of this issue and will put up a patch for this, because it is super annoying and only fix is to restart game and dont sit on menu screen for too long

I will try however move the game to different hdd that has no windows operating system on it, maybe it goes abit better.

I have the same issue but I have FH4 installed on a ssd so disk speed should not be an issue. It maxes out my cpu and gpu but I don’t mind. It did go smoothly the first few days so something got messed up.

Same issue. Had the same problems with FH3. High end specs, max settings. Problem happens seemingly at any graphics configuration.

Please fix… This has become game breaking for me.

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I’m having similar experience on the Xbox One X - game will lag or glitch even after resetting the console and reloading the game, its an annoyance for sure.

Same issue on X. I’ve given them the benefit of the doubt but we all seem to be getting ignored. I’m going to start posting on reddit and Twitter. This “support” page is a joke. $100 for an ultimate edition and you get terrible customer service. Shameful.


Not to mention how slowly these forums load or how truly clueless are the “forza staff” team.

Same problem. I’m having to shrink the chart to slightly improve the drops, but it’s still going a little bit. I have no problem in other games, just forza

I have similar issues, the game starts to lag for no reason, in my case it drops from 60 fps to 59 fps a number of times or it just has lag spikes for no reason, when I check the MSI Afterburner graphs when it happens nothing was maxed out or on the limit, the game has some strange issues. Also, the latest patch brought back the game crashing back, I’ve been getting random BSOD’s when before I didn’t. Sometimes it runs smoothly and then it starts to stutter horribly or has fps drops or the audio starts to crackle. Also the audio cuts on some loading screens. According to the benchmark, I should have no issues, well, that benchmark is BS if you ask me. I run the game on an SSD and never gets maxed out when playing so the issue may not be disk speed but something else. Thank so much for this Playground Games, top notch work right there.

I had the same issue, my I had small lagspikes and the audio would stutter at the same time. If you use a Razer headset, try going into Synapse and turning off THX Spatial Audio, after I did that I got no more spikes.

Hello there,

The best way to get Forza support or help with an issue is by submitting a ticket here

Thank you

+1 here also
pc specs :

-Ryzen 2600 6core
-RX 570 4GB

  • 16 gb 3200