Achievement Issues

So I recently started playing Horizon 2 and got the green wristband after getting to the Montellino area. This didn’t pop any achievements for either getting to the Montellino area or for getting the wristband.
I figured this wouldn’t overly be a problem as those are near enough to the beginning of the game that once I get the rest of my achievements I can back up my save file, go back and get those ones on a new save.
However I just got the blue wristband and it unlocked the green wristband achievement which has caused me to realize I’ll never actually be able to get the gold wristband achievement due to the way this works.
If anyone knows of any fix for this or if anyone can actually get in contact that’d be great.
Also note I emailed the Forza email address however got a reply which says they don’t individually reply to e-mails.
EDIT: Also just to add that this is for the Xbox One version