A thought on classic cars

After going back and playing Horizon 1 again, it made me think that it seemed a bit off that classic cars were sold in the autoshow. Surely it makes more sense for it to just be newer cars there.
Now, I’m not saying get rid of classic cars, not at all. Those are my favourite of the cars available. But what I think would make more sense is for them to be found around the map perhaps. Some as barn/shed/garage/whatever finds, some in a field perhaps. And maybe a used car dealership or two. Or even for a few of them, being sold at the side of a road.

If we are thinking of the Autoshow as a dealership, looking at the types of cars, even the newer cars that are there, it would kinda be looked at as a hodge-podge of cars. There are many supercars available to be ordered. This is like many high end dealerships. It would be totally logical for them to have some restored to original cars available as well to choose from.

That’s one way of looking at it. I always saw it as a car show type thing where manufacturers brought their new models to show off, and some to sell.

While I dont fully agree with spreading all classics across the map, you got me thinking here. Basically you could do 3 types of car sales in the game :

  1. dealerships for brand new cars and a few models that will go out soon (which you find in every festival hub - always all possible cars available)
  2. second hand dealerships for retro cars (which you find in every festival hub - most possible cars availabe, maybe some really rare ones not always)
  3. rare auctions for the classic cars (see below)

Someone remembers how in GT5 or GT6 the “auctions” worked? You had to check back frequently to see which cars were on sale. It would be kinda cool if it worked like that as well except not to safe some money but to be able to buy the car in the first place. :slight_smile:

Man, that sounds so good. Reminds me of TDU games a bit. It was such an amazing feel of driving through the map for hours, discovering new dealerships. A good reason to explore the map.


Oh I remember that. I didn’t much like those games, but I did like the used car stores they had.

Maybe they could implement junkyards where you could buy beat-up classics at an insane discount, instead of normal ones at the autoshow?

You’d have to buy missing parts, replace faulty ones, give it a new paintjob, etc

(i’d also love to see more visual mods for classics, like blowers sticking out of the hood, wheelie bars, chop tops, slammed suspension, etc)


I couldn’t agree with you more on this, having the ability to add wheelie bars and chop tops on a few of the classic cars would maybe make those cars more appealing to more people in the game. One could only hope this option is available in the game. Its great there adding more classics but if there is only a option to add aero to the cars they will be less appealing to people, with the exception of the painters in the group.

Blowers are confirmed

source? I refuse to believe this.


Great idea. We did that for Star Wars: Episode I Racer (the podracing game on N64, Dreamcast, Apple and PC) when I was at LucasArts a long time ago… You could buy cheap parts in the back of Watto’s shop, but no guarantee they wouldn’t blow up on you mid-race (there was a random chance of a flameout, which increased if you used the boost function). Get what you pay for!


That would be a great addition to the next Motorsport title to make it a little more RPG like but would only work if there was an actual career “story mode” included. Kind of like what happens with Horizon but as a professional racer starting at the bottom with their own money and trying to get sponsors and advance through the ranks.

Haha you were a developer on that game? I bought it with hard earned money but ended up not playing it that much. It was FAST racing though. :slight_smile:

Loved the Podracing game on N64!

There’s just a couple of minor things to remember if implementing a system like this in FH…

The main problem with this is that earning money in FH is super easy. Combined with the Forza Rewards system, the need to buy “cheaper” parts becomes completely unnecessary. If the system revolving around income gets changed to make cheaper parts an incentive, then the prices of cars would have to be adapted and so would upgrades - not to mention the Auction House (which is coming back) that allows players to set their own prices.

Restoring a car in FH would be a great idea, but if you’re already drowning in $$$, then the process becomes tedious. You’d just hop from menu option to menu option restoring an old car (replace broken parts, redo paint, etc.) instead of actually taking your time to earn the $$$ in order to restore the car.

I’m all for having the option to buy some “Top Gear Specials” and trash them around, but the system needed to balance it all out is pretty complex.

To be honest, the best system is already put in place: Upgrade Shop + Player made designs. You can already make your Datsun look beat up and rusty, even though it’s secretly rocking a RB26TT under the hood.

Perhaps they can add wear & tear into the game. The more the car gets used, the more maintenance it requires. Would be really funny if the FIATs kept breaking down and the Lancia’s kept building up rust, haha.

EDIT: A better option for restoring cars would be having to complete specific races and challenges, rather than spending money. This way, there’s still a level of effort and involvement required, rather than just farming $$$

I like the idea of junkyards, especially if you could keep the ratty look of the cars there and make a sleeper build that way.

And blowers have been confirmed, by the way!

No. Please.

Why does anyone want to have the older cars coming with kilometers on them, tired engines and weakened chassis or rusty bodies?

GTs second hand car system is one of the many reasons I turned my back on that franchise.

Cars only available at certain times? We have those. They’re called unicorns. Why we should extend that concept to cars we buy with credits is completely beyond me.

They’re not unicorns then as they’re always going to be in the game, and everyone would be able to get them, rather than them only being given out for participation or whatever in events.

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You misunderstand. I was referring to Gran Turismo and the way it handles “second hand” cars. I remember having to load and reset Gran Turismo 4 repeatedly to make the right in game “week” appear so I could buy a certain car. And even then it had high kilometers on it.

I then comparsd that process of jumping through hoops to the hoop jumping Turn 10 inflicts on players for unicorns.

I would think if Forza did do that though, they’d do it better than Gran Turismo did.

Might be a better idea if you could buy these as low/zero mileage classics from the autoshow, but be able to get them cheaper, but with problems and higher mileage from a second hand car shop.

As far as real-life, actual car shows go (large events, like International Auto Shows and stuff), sometimes manufacturers bring in older cars to show off along with their new stuff. I believe Alfa Romeo is notorious for doing that. I also remember wherever the new GT-R was shown, Nissan brought in one of every generation Skyline that shared said badge, including the 2000GT-R and Kenmeri Skylines.

And thumbs up on NoMoreBatteries’ junkyard idea!

Edit: Hako…[blank] is blocked, so…basically the '71 Skyline if you don’t know what I mean.