65 mustang

What’s up everybody? I am kind of a beginner tuner. I built and tuned a 65 Mustang b-class. posted a 132.4. At Indy Grand Prix. The tune is shared. I’m kind of looking for some positive or negative feedback it will also run a 129 flat at long beach. Please check it out and tell me what you think good or bad. Thanks. This car is capable of a second faster in the right hands

Well steel for you being new to the tuning side of things i have to say this is one fun car to drive. I was able to drive this car right with the best of my own muscle cars. I was hoping to beat some of my times on tracks but i kept messing up. It was not the car messing up just me pushing it to hard. It really handles great going in and out of every corner and this should do really well in public lobbies. I would recomend people go and download this car and find out for yourself how good this car is.

Good job Steel!

Boy that means a lot coming from a top-notch racer like you. Maybe I am a better tuner then I am a driver. Thanks Johnson

Dont sell yourself short on your driving ability. Practice, practice, practice. Hopefully people see this car and go get it. What is the description name for this car so people can find it easier?

I’m not in front of my Xbox at the moment but I believe The description is best for speed, Indy GP. When I get home if that is not correct I will change it. On this post. The description is Indy. There are two tunes, both with the same build, but the one that says (even better) is tuned more for the peeps that have all assists turned off enjoy.

Any body who loves muscle cars should check out my tune. For the 1965 Ford Mustang Coupe. It’s placed in the top 300 at Indianapolis Grand Prix it does very well at Long Beach. And Road America. And Road Atlanta and Sebring. A few of my friends who are top notch drivers, have driven this car and got much better times than I have, i’m probably a better tuner then I am a driver. Please check this tune out and let me know if you like or dislike.

Have people been downloading your 65?

Hey Johnson. Not very many. You a couple of my other friends that I was racing with the other night. I think six total. Maybe the Forza community just doesn’t know me, or they see the lap time that I posted and think big deal. I know this car is capable of running a 131 flat or mid to high 1:30’s at Indy GP. I’m not looking for big time recognition, or credits from tune down loads. I just want to share this tune with anybody who loves muscle cars, it’s a fun car to drive and a good lobby car. I guess if there is no interest I can work on my tuning skills on other cars that the community is more interested in

Looks like this car can post really good times - one of my favorites in C class so looking forward to trying it out…thanks for sharing it.

I’m working on a c-class tune for that car. Hope to be done with it tonight I will share it also. Thanks mgd

Took it for a spin on Sebring Full - really solid tune you have here. Great acceleration and handling too boot. Wish I could post a time, but I got crashed on lap 2 while in first, then had to work my way through the field on lap 3. I will definitely be using this car more - thanks for posting!

Thanks mgd. That sucks when you’re on hot lap and u get wrecked. I just shared a tune last night for this car in c-class. Ran a 1:36.2. At Indy gp but left a half a second on the track. Check it out or wait till I’m done tweaking it. It’s a strong car in c-class but I think I can get more out of it. Enjoy